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Waiting on Winter

Christmas is only a few days away and still no snow! I've been whining about it for weeks, so much so that I'm tired of hearing myself whine about, and yet . . . I still do. It's been a long, long time since I've been this far into winter without having to slip on my winter boots for a simple walk outside. Heck, it's December in Montana. We should have snow everywhere! Yeah, I'm still whining. Instead of droning on, I'm going enjoy a look at past winters when there was an abundance of snow.

I give you a snowy post in pictures.

My sweet girl loved snow as much as I do.

Pup_MK McClintock

Whether your winter and Christmas are covered in fluffy white stuff, I do wish you and yours a happy season of hope, love, kindness, and if you're lucky . . . SNOW!



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