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Whitcomb Springs Series

Post-Civil War Western Romance Adventures

High in a mountain valley, a place for those who have loved and lost becomes a home for those who wish to hope and dream.


Escape to Whitcomb Springs with tales of adventure, danger, forgiveness, romance, and hope in this special collection of short stories and novelettes. Each story is written to stand alone.Historical Romantic Westerns & Westerns ~ Short Stories & Novelettes

The Books
Hopes and Dreams in Whitcomb Springs

Hopes and Dreams in Whitcomb Springs

Stories 1-4

Whisper Ridge

Whisper Ridge

Story 4

Whitcomb Springs

Whitcomb Springs

Story 1

Forsaken Trail

Forsaken Trail

Story 2

Unchained Courage

Unchained Courage

Story 3

More Stories

Stories from Participating Authors


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An Abridged History of Whitcomb Springs

Founded in 1860 by Daniel and Evelyn Whitcomb, in what was then the Nebraska Territory, the mountain town of Whitcomb Springs started with a trading post (now the general store) and two cabins. Daniel and two friends from Pennsylvania, James Bair and Charles Carroll, founded the Whitcomb Timber Company in 1860. James Bair died the first winter after arriving in Montana, caught in a blizzard unawares. When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Daniel and Charles returned east to fight for the Union, believing it their duty to their country and their home state of Pennsylvania.


Evelyn had a choice to make—return home or wait for her husband, as Daniel promised to return soon. “The war would not last more than a few months,” he had said. And so she chose to remain in Whitcomb Springs. Months became years, and under Evelyn’s close watch and the help of a friend, the town grew year by year. The Whitcomb Timber Company added “Mining” to its name, and it continued to prosper. Nebraska Territory became the Montana Territory on May 26, 1864.


As families, tradesmen, and miners came to the mountain valley, Evelyn Whitcomb offered ownership in businesses to hard workers, benefiting both the town and its citizens, a number that reached one hundred and fifty souls by the end of the war.


Although the war did not extend to the Northwest Territories, the citizens of Whitcomb Springs feared for friends and family caught in the tumult. When the war ended in 1865, many who had built a life in the valley had lost and loved, prospered and hoped.


These are their stories.


Praise for the Series

For various stories in the Whitcomb Spring series.

"What a wonderful story of courage and hope. I loved Evelyn Whitcomb’s story and her love for her town and the families in it. How courageous she was. I hope we hear more about Evelyn and Daniel in future stories. I look forward to more short stories from this post-Civil War town." ~Kindle Reader on "Whitcomb Springs"

"A western story of hope and dreams! MK McClintock's western adventure, "Whitcomb Springs", is set at the end of the Civil War in Montana Territory. It's the introduction to a series of short stories set between 1865-1885. The female characters are sweet and endearing! This short novella is well written and filled with emotions. I cannot wait to read the next story in this series." ~Nicole Laverdure on "Whitcomb Springs"

"Samantha St, Claire's HEALING FIRE is a lovely read! I felt like I was there in the yard, my back leaning against a fence post, as I watched events unfold. Miss St. Claire writes about choices a young widow makes for herself and for her son in the face of societal judgment and familial pressure. I couldn't pull myself away, so I finished it in one sitting. Especially gripping was the fire scene. Lovable characters left me wanting more, please." ~Kindle Reader on "Healing Fire"

"An exciting, heart-warming Western love story! 'Healing Fire' is a beautiful and sweet story, very well written by Samantha St. Claire! This short novella has good flow, charming characters and everything to please lovers of Western romances."

~Nicole Laverdure on "Healing Fire"

"Thank you for this story which just wets my appetite for more books in the future. I've had a marvelous afternoon reading about the good, the bad and the honorable." ~Kindle Reader on "Retribution Road"

"This may be a short story, but it packs the punch of a full novel and you are instantly hooked. Graham and Willow have great chemistry and they both love sweet Winston. "Retribution Road" is an exciting story that will keep you wanting more!"

~Kindle Reader on "Retribution Road"

"Forsaken Trail is another fabulous read by MK McClintock! I have read just about everything MK has written and I am never disappointed. This one is no different. It is a short story but it is packed full of adventure, suspense, love and inspiration. I loved it! I give Forsaken Trail 5 stars and highly recommend Cooper’s story for all who love a good historical."

~Kindle Reader on "Forsaken Trail"

"Another wonderful story!! Just loved Abigail and Cooper’s story and hope we hear more about them in the coming stories taking place in Whitcomb Springs." ~M.L. Sullivan on "Forsaken Trail"

"I feel certain most any reader will find something in this story with which to resonate. Who among us, in our determination to be self-sufficient, has not undertaken a load too heavy, a road too rough - and come to understand, in a moment of doubt, that what we need is not to be rescued, but the trust of someone who believes in us? This ideal carries through Samantha St. Claire's enjoyable, uplifting writings. You'll find an offering of faith in "Tracking Amy." I hope you'll read it and share it with someone you love." ~The Constant Reader on "Tracking Amy"

"I had fun reading this short story! I kept wanting to find out about the characters and there was the perfect balance of background info and curiosity of each. I highly recommend this story!!"

~Kindle Reader on "Tracking Amy"

"This story is short, passionate and to the point. It leaves you wanting more from Lynn Winchester!"

~Kindle Reader on "Walk the Lightning"

"Great five-star read. The preacher never thought he would find someone to be a wife, and helpmate, until the lady enters his church. See the fireworks that explode like lightning between the two. Great story line and characters. I highly recommend this book to everyone who reads western genre." ~Kindle Reader on "Walk the Lightning"

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