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Discover the Majestic Wonders of Winter Landscapes and Nature's Peace

Winter, where are you? I've asked this question before, but I've never wanted an answer so much as this year. The weather birdies claim we'll be seeing it soon, but they keep teasing. I know, most people are happy when winter gets delayed, and I LOVE garden season, but come on, it's time for snow to fall, roads to slick over, and the air to get so cold it freezes our noses off.

Anyone else with me? No? Well, you can enjoy it from afar.

Stating I love the snow would be an understatement. I don't ski, but I do enjoy snowshoeing and tromping around taking pictures. I love the silence of snow, the scent of the earth as it's covered for the season, the anticipation of spring when the snow melts to reveal lush grass. I also enjoy the shorter days of winter; somehow I seem to accomplish a great deal more. And, I really like an excuse to wear all the scarves I keep knitting.

Snowy Peaks and Icy Waters in Glacier Park_MK McClintock Author

One can only truly find serenity if one listens.

Snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and rushing waters along snowy banks. Get lost in the breathtaking beauty of snowy landscapes and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Snowy Peaks and Icy Waters in Glacier Park_MK McClintock Author

But I go into nature to escape everything else. Not everyone feels the same. And because I don't think my words can add anything more to the pictures (and also because I need to get back to writing), I leave you with more images of snowy peaks and icy waters. Some of these images I've shared before, but since we have no snow right now (except on the mountain peaks), I'm living vicariously through myself during previous winters.

Be well, be kind, and never stop believing something good is about to happen.


While you're here, discover the perfect book to accompany your cozy reading sessions (or as Christmas gifts) amidst the stunning winter scenes. ❄️📚✨


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