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Crooked Creek Series

Post Civil-War Westerns and Romantic Westerns

Four courageous women, an untamed land, and the daring to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Set in post-Civil War Montana Territory, in the small town of Crooked Creek, and it all started with Emma. Her story was written for a contest, but I soon realized there were more women whose tales needed to be written. The war is over between the North and the South, but the battles at home are just beginning. If you love stories of bravery and courage with unforgettable women and the men they love, you'll enjoy the Women of Crooked Creek. 

"Emma of Crooked Creek"
"Hattie of Crooked Creek"
"Briley of Crooked Creek"
"Clara of Crooked Creek"
The Women of Crooked Creek
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A note from the author on the Crooked Creek series . . .


I’ve been asked by many readers about what is in store for this series, and if there will be a continuation of Clara’s story. “Emma of Crooked Creek” was originally going to be the only story, which meant this series came as a bit of an unplanned surprise for me. One thing led to another and there were too many extraordinary women who deserved their own stories. Thus was born The Women of Crooked Creek.


I’m pleased to say that there are three additional Crooked Creek installments planned. One is Clara’s full story and the introduction of a new hero for her. You’ll once again meet all of the main characters from the short stories along with many of the townspeople. There will be two additional installments, one a Christmas story, to conclude the series. 


Novels take a good deal more planning and time to write than short stories, but I am as anxious to share them with you as I hope you are to read them. The next of these installments is slated for release in 2021, as I have other books to complete before I can return to Crooked Creek. You can always keep updated with what’s coming next via this website. I also post occasional book updates via my blog, and when I remember, on social media.

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