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A McKenzie Sisters Mystery

My next book (title to be announced later) is a delightful novel set in 1899 Colorado. It is a historical western romantic cozy mystery (it's possible I'm making that super long genre up), which is part of a new series thought up by Samantha St. Claire, author of the wonderful Sawtooth Range series. 


I willingly admit that I am having so much fun with these new characters, and can't wait for you to meet them. 

I lived on a small ranch in Colorado for a couple of years in my youth, and it has been a delight to research and revisit those wonderful memories. Subscribe to the newsletter today to make sure you don't miss when this book releases!

I do not know yet when it will release, but it is slated for spring 2021. I write slow, and I really like to sleep. 


A Story About



Cassandra McKenzie and her sister, Rose, live in Colorado. They also have a knack for solving puzzles . . . and getting into trouble. They're smart, skilled, and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty . . . or blow things up when the occasion warrants. They each get their own story, and I am writing Cassandra's.



There are bad guys and good guys. Cassandra is good, and she has to root out the bad, which she has a nice talent for doing. There are trains, mines, gold, and murder (the grisly, cozy kind). We're having a grand time.



A story such as this must have adventure and romance, and there is plenty of both to satisfy everyone, or at least me and Cassandra and her super-secret sexy helper man who looks kind of like that guy from that western show.

Don't miss Rose's story . . .


Rose McKenzie—that's Casey's scientifically-inclined sister—will have a romping good tale to share with you, too. Her story comes from author Samantha St. Claire.

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The Writing Room

In Progress

In addition to the McKenzie book above, the first Crooked Creek novel is also in progress, and the second won't be too far behind, along with the eighth Montana Gallagher novel. Stay tuned for more details as the writing unfolds. 


Now Available


The seventh Gallagher novel, The Healer of Briarwood, released on Dec 15, 2020. This is Doc Brody's story, and also introduces a delightful new heroine for him. It is filled with a lot of emotion, changing times, and a few surprises.

On the Planning Board

I also have more books planned for the Montana Gallagher series, British Agent series, Crooked Creek series, and I am in the planning stages of two new series and a few stand-alone novels. I have enough projects on the planning board to keep me busy for many years. 

The process of writing a story is fun and messy and riddled with mistakes and changes. I may get halfway through a book before I feel the story needs to go in another direction in order to remain true to the characters. I've tossed out half a book (2 books, actually) before when it didn't feel right. These are among the many reasons why I don't share details about my various works-in-progress until I get closer to a completion date.


I write in a combination of longhand and typing, which means sometimes the writing is really fast and other times snail-paced slow. Some years I may write one book, other years it may be two or three, and if life requires it, a year may be skipped, though that hasn't happened yet. Each book takes as long as it takes. Read about the write-to-publish process


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