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Writing Room

The Writing Room

What's New and Coming Next

I am currently in the planning and writing stages of various projects. Stay tuned for more details in this space, and keep scrolling for more Writing Room info.

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  • Projects for 2023 and 2024 are in process and details will be shared here when ready. 

  • Specifically, I am writing a British Agent installment, and for those who have asked and hoped, yes, another Montana Gallagher novel is in the works. 

2022 Release

Christmas in Crooked Creek was released on Dec 13, 2022. This is a stand-alone novel in the Crooked Creek series. While it is Clara's continuing story, enough foundation is included that readers who haven't read The Women of Crooked Creek will easily know what's going on.

2021 Releases

Christmas in Briarwood_cover_2021.webp

Christmas in Briarwood was released on Nov 30, 2021. This is the eighth heartwarming installment in the Montana Gallagher series featuring Rachel Watson and Julian Frank, first seen in The Healer of Briarwood

The Case of the Copper King_MK McClintock.jpg

The Case of the Copper King was released on June 22, 2021. It's a stand-alone novel in the McKenzie Sisters Mystery series written with Samantha St. Claire. The books offer up lots of adventure and mystery with a touch of sweet romance.

Hopes and Dreams in Whitcomb Springs collection_MK McClintock_e-book cover_web.webp

In August 2021, the collection Hopes & Dreams in Whitcomb Springs was also released. This includes three previously published novelettes plus a brand new story in the Whitcomb Springs series.

On the Planning Board

I have more books planned for all of my existing series, and I am in the planning stages of two new series and several stand-alone novels. I have enough projects on the planning board to keep me busy for many years. 

The process of writing a story is fun and messy and riddled with mistakes and changes. I may get halfway through a book before I feel the story needs to go in another direction in order to remain true to the characters. I've tossed out half a book (2 books, actually) before when it didn't feel right. These are among the many reasons why I don't share details about my various works-in-progress until I get closer to a completion date.


I write in a combination of longhand and typing, which means sometimes the writing is really fast and other times snail-paced slow (and I write under two pen names). Some years I may write one book, other years it may be two or three, and if life or a story requires it, a year may be skipped. Each book takes as long as it takes. 

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