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McKenzie Sisters Mystery Series

Historical Western Mysteries

Rose and Cassandra (aka Casey) are no ordinary sisters. One is scientifically inclined, lives in Denver, and rides a bicycle like her life—or a case—depends on it. The other rides trains, wields a blade, and keeps her identity as a Pinkerton "under wraps."

These are stand-alone novels and can be read in any order. The McKenzie Sisters Mystery Series was created by Samantha St. Claire.

The Books
Series Descripton



Cassandra McKenzie and her sister, Rose, live in Colorado. They also have a knack for solving puzzles . . . and getting into trouble. They're smart, skilled, and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty . . . or blow things up when the occasion warrants. They each get their own story, and I wrote Cassandra's.



There are bad guys and good guys. Cassandra is good, and she has to root out the bad, which she has a nice talent for doing. There are trains, mines, gold, and murder (the grisly, cozy kind). We're having a grand time.



A story such as this must have adventure and romance, and there is plenty of both to satisfy everyone, or at least me and Cassandra and her super-secret sexy helper man who looks kind of like that guy from that western show.

Book Trailer

From Happy Readers

"The Case of the Copper King is a fun adventure that keeps readers intrigued as the main characters work to solve a mystery. Casey is an intriguing main character whose bravery and intelligence are really shown off in the plot. Quinn is an interesting match for her and it is enjoyable for readers to follow along with their banter and partnership as they work to complete the case they were assigned. While this book is  clearly part of a series, it stands well on its own and readers don’t  feel like they’re missing anything if they haven’t read the other books." —Judge, 30th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards (Honorable Mention)

"An absolutely delightful mystery adventure that will keep you guessing till the last chapter! THE CASE OF THE COPPER KING is a must to read if you love western mysteries with a touch of romance and lots of twists and turns."

Nicole Laverdure, 5 Stars

"The Case of the Copper King is an enjoyable western by M K McClintock . . . I really enjoyed this story. Casey is a strong woman in a man’s job, which she does really well. Along the way to Durango, Casey meets bounty hunter, Quinn Morgan. I think looking for a murderer just got more interesting. I really enjoyed the interaction between Casey and Quinn . . . This was a wonderful western." —Goodreads review, 5 stars

"Such a fun read. All of the characters are well-rounded and believable, but Casey and Quinn are uniquely wonderful characters. I so enjoyed the banter between them. I expected the adventure but the twists and turns are unexpected as well as entertaining. This story is well written and edited that made this an enjoyable read." —Goodreads review, 5 stars

"This intrepid heroine kept me guessing till the end and made me laugh out loud! Rose is the epitome of the perfect heroine that I love to follow. She’s colorful, amusing, ingenious, and brilliant. I loved the setting Colorado 1899 and the atmosphere with a delightful blend of humor and adventure."

—Books & Benches, Top Pick (on The Case of the Peculiar Inheritance)

"This book was so good! It's well written and full of action, drama, suspense, and a mystery to solve. It is full of twists and turns and will keep you guessing until the end. Once you start reading this book you can't put it down, you just have to know what happens next." —Goodreads review, 5 stars


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