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New Release: Join me on THE TRAIL TO CROOKED CREEK

The Trail to Crooked Creek, a new romantic and adventurous novella in the Crooked Creek series is now here to fill your hours (and e-readers) with joy. It's also available in print for those who like to hold paper.

Join me, Leah Tennyson, and Wesley Davenport on a journey of strength, selflessness, and the profound impact of love.

For devoted e-readers:

For the paper people:

About The Trail to Crooked Creek

Everyday heroes who find the courage to believe in extraordinary love.


Two years after the devastations of war left their mark on a country torn apart, Wesley Davenport, a former soldier haunted by his experiences on the battlefield crosses paths with Leah Tennyson, a teacher who helps him heal his emotional wounds—and discovers unexpected love in the most unlikely place.


The Trail to Crooked Creek is a novella set in the breathtaking and sometimes unforgiving landscape of post-Civil War Montana Territory.

The Trail to Crooked Creek by MK McClintock_graphic


A note . . .

I knew in my heart that I was not ready to say farewell to my people in Crooked Creek, and even now this won't be the final story in the series. Wesley and Leah became so much more than I anticipated, and their adventures ended quite differently than I had planned. They are both, in a word, beautiful. Beautiful souls and beautiful hearts, albeit a bit bruised and in need of direction to overcome their own tragic pasts.

May you always have a fire to warm your body, a book to warm your mind, hope to warm your soul, and love to warm your heart. I hope you enjoy the book. —MK McClintock



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