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The Ghost of Greyson Hall

Historical Romance Mystery

Once a year, an ancient secret walks the corridors of Greyson Hall, a place shrouded in mystery and whispered legend.

When Devon Clayton inherited the stately mansion in England’s wild north from his uncle, he never imagined what secrets lurked within its walls, hidden for centuries. When his friends and brothers join him for the holiday, the British Agents and their families discover that their most unusual case will bring new meaning to Christmas spirit.

They must now unravel a century-old mystery if they are to break the curse and save a love that transcends time.

A long novella set in Northumberland in December 1782 and 1892.

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Dearest Reader, 

This book did not take long to write, but many years passed between book three and four before the right story formed in my mind. I always knew there would be a ghost and that the book would take place at Greyson Hall in Northumberland, but that was the extent of my plotting.

I discarded ideas that didn't fit the final story I imagined and modified others to fit the characters and the story they wanted to tell. The Ghost of Greyson Hall is almost nothing like what I had planned and everything I hoped it would be. 

A ghost, secrets, spies, romance, danger, and mystery kept my fingers typing and mind bursting with words until I couldn't get them down quickly enough in between shedding tears, smiling, and gasping at something unexpected. This is the first time I've written in two distinct time periods (not in the original plan), and it was a fascinating and challenging experience. 

The Ghost of Greyson Hall is not so much a ghost story, but rather a tale of love that happens to feature a ghost. You'll know what I mean when you meet Lady Grace Canterbury and the wonderful characters who made telling her story possible.

May you always have a fire to warm your body, a book to warm your mind, hope to warm your soul, and love to warm your heart. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the book.

—MK McClintock

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