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or Answers to Common Questions

When will the next book be out?

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For a variety of reasons, I don't share works-in-progress updates until a book is finished and a release month is known. When the next book has a release date, it will be posted in the news section of the Home page, followed by an announcement on the blog, then to the new-release list when applicable.

Can I get your e-books for Nook, Kobo, and iBooks?

Download the Kindle app from your app store onto your smartphone or tablet. Open the app and connect it to your Amazon account (the same one you use to shop for everything else). Important—you can only buy books through the online retail store, not through the app. After you buy the book on the online store, open your app and the book will appear. You only have to download the app once, and then you can read to your heart's content! The paperback books (trade) are available everywhere. Large print editions are also available.

What genres do you write?

My primary genre (thus far) is historical western romance set from 1865-1890s (Montana Gallaghers, Crooked Creek, Whitcomb Springs). I also have a historical romance mystery series (British Agents) set in Victorian England, Ireland, and Scotland. In 2021, I added historical western mystery (McKenzie Sisters Mystery series) to the genre list. I have plans to expand into other genres, but they will always follow the adventure, romance, and touches of mystery theme that are always present in my historical books. ••• As McKenna Grey, I've written the Kyndall Family Thrillers, a romantic suspense series, and one collection of sweet contemporary romance stories, Christmas in the Rockies.

Will there be more Montana Gallagher books?

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The Gallaghers are dear to my heart, and I love to spend as much time with them as possible. As of Dec 2021, there are 8 books in the Gallagher series and book 9 is planned. I do not yet know if it will contiue beyond that, because, all series must end at some point.

Will there be more Crooked Creek books?

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In addition to The Women of Crooked Creek and Christmas in Crooked Creek, one more installment is planned for this series.

Will there be more British Agent books?

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The British Agent series consists of three books as of 2022, and the fourth will release in October 2023. Beyond that, I don't know.

Will there be more Whitcomb Springs stories?

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The Whitcomb Springs series stories can be read in any order. My stories do follow a chronological order because that's how I write series, but they don't have to be read in that order. "Whitcomb Springs" is the introductory story that starts the series and gives the reader a little background. These four stories are included in the collection, Hopes and Dreams in Whitcomb Springs. I plan to write more installments as time permits.

Where can I find info about book content?

Right here! Know what you're reading. It's nice to know what to expect when you pick up a book. If you are sensitive to certain subject matter or extremely selective about the content you're willing to read, then this guide should help. I write relatively clean and wholesome books, and I say "relatively" because they are historical stories set during various historical times. This means that historical-style violence (westerns, adventures, war, etc.) will show up, plus, there may be some sensual elements, even if the sex is closed door. More detail is given below. My Book Ratings Sweet & Clean (G): Just as the rating implies, these are sweet romances that never go beyond kisses. No sex, no leading up to it, just good, wholesome, romance stories. Guilt-Free (G-PG): These stories have touches of mystery and romance, and are clean reads, without being sweet. They don't have graphic violence but may contain some elements of suspense. Moderate (PG-PG-13): These stories have romance, a touch of mystery or suspense, and some violence. There is no graphic sex, but there may be sensual kisses and/or closed-door. Moderate+ (PG-13+): These stories have romance, a touch of mystery or suspense, and some violence. There may be sensual kisses/activity leading up to sex but still closed door. The only exception to this is Alaina Claiborne, which because of an inside joke with a sibling, a steamier scene was left in (still quite mild by today's standards). Many authors have their own ratings and they may be different from mine. That's okay because authors, readers, and publishers often have different perspectives on ratings. What I might view as raunchy, others may see as romantic. What I view as clean, others may find too much for their sensibilities. The ratings above are a guide for my books, and not necessarily anyone else's. ••• Language Content: My books do not contain explicit language. However, they may contain a few words commonly found in historical language (along the lines of "hell," "damn," "bloody," etc.). I do not believe that everyone would have watched every word they ever said all the time, but because I personally don't like explicit language, these words are used sparingly and only when it makes sense for the story or character at the time. ••• Violence Content: The extent of the violence in my books is similar to what you see in a western movie or historical adventure movie. All of my books have characters who use guns and other weapons such as knives, swords, daggers, and similar. Rape and violence against children are never depicted, though there may be mention without description. Some may be sensitive to this content, others may not. Please use your judgment. ••• Standard Ratings (for those who want a comparison) Please note that all of my books will have a G, PG, or PG-13 rating, with most falling in the PG and G categories. ••• Sensuality Ratings: Clean or G – Love scenes and/or kisses, but little or no sex. Sensual or PG – Non-descriptive, non-graphic sex Steamy or PG-13 – More descriptive and sensual, but nothing wild or explicit, and no graphic sex scenes. ••• Alcohol Use: I do not drink alcohol, but it's unrealistic for me to think that none of my characters would, and so some do. The mention of alcohol use is minimal or used in passing.

Do you go on book tours or make public appearances?

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Despite the joy I experience in meeting readers, I have no plans to attend events or make in-person appearances. Large crowds make me uncomfortable and it takes serious downtime to recover from the mental exertion. When I tour books, it's online.

Are you on social media?

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I have official pages on multiple platforms. However, I did significantly lessen my use of them in 2023 and now post only periodically, with extended breaks as needed. The longer I go without posting, the better and more enjoyable my writing, so I'm sticking with what feels right. Readers are welcome and encouraged to contact me directly via this website.

Why didn't you respond to my review of your book?

In the early days, I would occasionally leave a "thank you" for a review, and if a reviewer emails me directly then I will still do so. However, I do my best to avoid reading reviews online. Most of the reviews that appear on this site have been sent via email, either in full or with a notification from the reviewer, or a friend or family member who saw it. Otherwise, I leave reviews to the readers. Danielle Steel said, “A bad review is like baking a cake with all the best ingredients and having someone sit on it.” It is sad how much truth there is to this, and I prefer to not focus on the squished cake. If you have posted a review for one of my books online, please know that I am humbled you chose to read it and grateful you took the time to share your thoughts with other readers.

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