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Bonus Content and Fun Stuff

Extras and bonus content for readers, writers, and surprise visitors. The website elves work hard to make sure this site is kept current. There are a lot of extras, so we keep them organized here for easy browsing. This page features a variety of bonus content related to books, writing, and glimpses into the author's world beyond the books. Most bonus content now goes through the blog and new content is periodically added.

Writer in the Kitchen


In the mood for something scrumptious and delectable? Visit Writer in the Kitchen!


The culinary arts is one of the most versatile and enjoyable, and not just in my opinion. There are no limits to what one can create, though some finished products may be better off used for food fights. Nonetheless, it is a noble art and in my case a source of creativity, excitement, experimentation, and pure joy.


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Book and Writing Extras

Other Extras


Advice to New Authors

Before reading ahead, be aware that the best piece of advice I can give is to be your authentic self—with your writing and with readers. Go into this business with an open mind, thick skin, and a strong work ethic. You'll need all three, and a lot more, to make it. Competition is fierce and talent is abundant. You might make it or you might not, but if you remain true to yourself, the journey will be worth every moment.

Editor Interview

An interview with Lorraine Fico-White, Senior Editor and Owner of Magnifico Manuscripts. The initial interview took place in 2013, not long after I started to work with Lorraine on my first books. It has been refreshed to the current version below.

The Reality of Writing: Beginning, Middle, and End

There is no magic box with all the answers on how a writer should work. Figure out what works for YOU.

What It's Like to Live in Montana

My perspective after twenty-two years living in the magnificent state of Montana

Write to Publish

This page came about after I received a number of emails asking why there's so much time in between some of my books. With millions of books out there and with many of those authors publishing many books a year (sometimes one a month), the reality is somewhat skewed. More power to those who manage it, but even if I cranked out five thousand words a day, I still wouldn't have that kind of output, and I'll explain why.

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