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Letter to Readers

Dear, Reader.

Thank you so much for visiting and especially for reading! As my guest, it is my sincere hope that you enjoy exploring the various historical romance and mystery novels and discover heartwarming love stories and exciting adventures set against breathtaking scenery.

I love writing and creating worlds for you to escape into. Through my words, I strive to transport you to places with interesting people where anything is possible, where you can lose yourself in the magic of storytelling and emerge with a renewed sense of wonder and possibility. 


My books are set in the American West and across the sea to Scotland, Ireland, and England. They do not contain graphic sex and are suitable for audiences who prefer stories free from this content. 


If you're new to my books, there is no right or wrong place to start; every series is filled with romance, mystery, adventure, and great escapes. I have a fickle imagination and allow it the freedom to wander at will. I hope you enjoy the journey.


You will come to know me through the words I write, and for an author, that is what truly matters.

May you always have a fire to warm your body, a book to warm your mind, hope to warm your soul, and love to warm your heart. 

—MK McClintock

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