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Behind the Name: Davidson

Rhona Davidson is a young woman with a Scottish father and English mother. Clan Davidson has a long history believed to date back to the Picts via Brittany. Now, none of that was known to me when I chose Davidson as the heroine's surname. This particular choice was a case of "I like it and it fit." It wasn't until Rhona's character began to develop on the page, that her family's history held any significance. Just as many Americans take pride in their family's colonial history, the clans of Scotland often have an overwhelming pride in their clan's history and traditions. 

Blackwood Crossing is rife with secrets, all of which must be revealed in order for our hero and heroine to find peace and make room in their lives and hearts for each other. Rhona is such a mystery that even I did not know something significant about her until it actually happened. I had one of those "Ah ha!" moments, and it thrilled me, even as I wondered how it was going to work out.

Davidson is a strong and proud name with an interesting history. Rhona's family managed to escape some of the consequences of that history . . . then again, did they?


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