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Reading Room: Two Historical Scottish Romances

It is time for a new Reading Room post! I have been devouring books of late. Many, many wonderful books. Some have been research, and a lot of them have been rereads because I find them easier while I'm dwelling deeply in a new story.

These two historical Scottish romances are both clean reads and great escapes. They are also written by authors whose books I haven't read before, which is always a nice treat.

Love Practically by Nichole Van

I picked this book up for three reasons: It's historical, set in Scotland, and the cover is lovely. Lucky for me what's inside is just as lovely.

3 Great Things About Love Practically

  1. The rich historical setting of Scotland serves as a beautiful and moody backdrop for the protagonists' individual growth and tender romance.

  2. The protagonists' personalities, inner conflicts, and apparent chemistry.

  3. A satisfying resolution to all elements of the story.


Journey to Bongary Spring by Kasey Stockton

I picked up this book for the same reasons as the the first one.

3 Great Things About Journey to Bongary Spring

  1. A sweet love story set in a captivating historical era with elements of loyalty and sacrifice.

  2. The complexities of family and community.

  3. A satisfying resolution to the love story (This one does end in a cliffhanger, so you'll want to read the next book, but the love story is complete.)

I hope you give these books a try!


The Reading Room is where I share books, because authors are readers, too. I don't rate books on my blog, but I do like to share books I've read and enjoyed (My mom recommends a few, too.).


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