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A Love Letter to Writing and Time, with Flowers

Every pen stroke, every word typed, marks a new chapter, a new beginning, and I do so enjoy new beginnings as much as I enjoy constants and traditions. I've no doubt this is due to existing in a modern world and living in a historical one.

A month or so past I took a much-needed break from one of my long-time businesses, and the extra time has been most rewarding. I'm still insanely busy, but those gained ("extra") hours I didn't realize I needed now go to more reading, more time outdoors, more resting, and my favorite, more time living in and creating fiction worlds.

These fictional worlds have taken up a great deal more of the precious gift of extra time, mostly with planning, wondering, and dreaming of what will come next. All the extra woolgathering has slowed down the writing—temporarily—but it has been oh-so-liberating. Changes will come with new ideas, though I will never say farewell to the constants that have brought me such joy for so many years.

Ink-stained pages whisper secrets untold,

A love letter to writing, the story unfolds.

Each stroke of the pen, a piece of my soul,

Emotions spill out, making me whole.

I find myself spending more time with each word, sentence, and paragraph than ever before, and the connection it gives me with my characters has driven me deeper into their lives, and is allowing me to see what more they can, and will, do.

Change is inevitable, writing is timeless. As it's been said many times and in many ways, change is life's only constant, and I have found writing is the tool to help me adapt.

Just as characters evolve through the chapters, we too experience growth and transformation through the act of creation. The story I write now is about such change, a journey through a brief period centered around two lives with the unexpected challenges they face and the constant of love and hope.

Through the pages of a story, I find solace, inspiration, and above all, a timeless reminder that amidst life's many changes, the written word remains an unwavering companion.

Speaking of change and time, the gardens are showing spring splendor, mostly with green, but the potential for what they will become in a few more weeks is captivating. Each day brings new growth and life to the once-dormant landscape that never fails to inspire awe and wonder.

Let us linger here, in this paradise of spring,

Where time stands still, and worries fade away.


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