Wild Montana Winds

Western Historical Romance

Journey to the Montana frontier in this captivating tale of adventure, honor, and endearing romance. 

What happens when a mountain man tries to tame the heart of a Highland lass? 

Ainslee McConnell turns down every eligible bachelor who asks for her hand, for she knows none can quiet her adventurous spirit. When she travels from Scotland to visit family and seek new experiences, she discovers a life more rewarding than she could have imagined. 

Raised in the wilds of the Montana mountains, Colton Dawson lives as rancher, mountain man, and tracker. He is content . . . until one day a spirited Scottish lass crosses his path on her way to Hawk’s Peak. When a moment in Colton’s past revisits him, he fights to keep safe those he loves most. 

Return to Briarwood and Hawk’s Peak to experience a timeless western romantic adventure that will sweep you away on the wild Montana winds.

"Each character brings their own flavors to every story as much as the "star" of that book. I have never read a series that does this."

— Pioneer Hearts Reader

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"MK McClintock is a gem among historical writers. She has another perfect novel in Wild Montana Winds! She has put the words on a page to describe the heart and soul of Montana and it’s magnificent heritage. She has replaced Louis L’Amour in my heart, and that is no easy feat. Please, please, please pick up this, or any of the Gallagher book, and simply enjoy!"
—Amazon review

"MK McClintock does not disappoint with her sixth installment from the Montana Gallaghers series, Wild Montana Winds. I love this series and I enjoyed catching up with the past characters and meeting Ainslee. Any fan of historical fiction will fall in love with this story like I like did. Wild Montana Winds gets a well deserved five plus stars from me. This book, as well as, the others in the series should not be missed."
—Goodreads review

"Whitcomb Springs is a fabulous short story by MK McClintock. I love this time period and she captured it perfectly with details. I enjoyed Evelyn Whitcomb and her courage, determination and not give up hope.
I give this book five plus stars. I cannot wait to continue the series."
—Goodreads review

"I have loved all of the books by MK McClintock through the years, but although we waited patiently for this book, it was so worth it. I have fallen in love with all of the Gallagher family, their experiences, hardships and enjoyed the love they share with each other. Her readers had hoped she would find love and a lifelong companion for Colton, and in Ainslee ... we did. If you love adventure, romance, thrillers, mysteries, you will find all of these in a MK McClintock book."
—M.L. Sullivan

"Ms. McClintock's newest novel in the Gallagher series is pitch perfect for the genre. The attraction between Ainslee and Colton is immediate and Ms. McClintock manages to take them through the romance in a natural progression of heated encounters. Wild Montana Winds is a thoroughly satisfying read and recommended."
—Jan Karol

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Dearest Reader, 

Whether you have been with us from the beginning or are meeting us for the first time, it brings me great joy to have you here, for you are now a part of the Gallagher family. I do not know what I had once imagined would happen to this delightful group of people when I first met them, but with each story came new ideas and characters with whom I was not ready to part. Wild Montana Winds experienced many changes over the course of its writing. I always knew the story would be about Colton Dawson: ranch hand, tracker, mountain man, and of course a member of the Hawk’s Peak family. However, the woman meant for him changed a few times in my mind. All the others in this series had met their perfect match, and I could not rest until Colton found his. Ainslee McConnell proved to be that match—and then some. I love them together and I love them as individuals, proving once again that Hawk’s Peak is one of my favorite places to spend time. 

This book has been written to stand on its own. You will meet previous characters and read mention of events from the first five Montana Gallagher books. They are here to enhance Colton and Ainslee’s story, for neither would have his or her own tale without those who came before. I hope you enjoy reading this romantic western adventure as much as I did writing it.

Be well, be kind, and enjoy!

~ Mk




Book 6

Available in Paperback, E-book, & Large Print


Western Historical Romance


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Briarwood, Montana Territory—August 5, 1884

Colton Dawson reached the ravine and looked over the edge into the river below. He’d ventured far enough from the ranch and town to make him wonder if the men he currently tracked knew something about the area he didn’t.

Not likely.

There wasn’t a copse of trees, a body of water, or a mountain peak within one hundred miles that Colton hadn’t scouted, drunk from, or climbed since his arrival in Montana a decade earlier. The Gallaghers’ ranch had spanned more than thirty-five square miles ever since they tore down the fence between Hawk’s Peak and the former Double Bar Ranch. All of it had been explored at one time or another by a Gallagher and half the men who worked the land, cattle, and horses.

The cattle were a prize to any rustler and it was well known throughout the territory that the Gallaghers’ horse breeding operation produced the most highly valued stock in the area. No one had yet been able to figure out whether the cattle or horses drew the raiders onto Gallagher land, but they intended to find out.

Colton gentled his horse until it stood as silent as its rider. He listened to the wind move through the trees and caught the scent of summer pine. The river below rushed over rocks and echoed through the gorge. He knew the land leveled and the river rose a few miles to the south, where it wound back again toward the ranch.

The tracks pressed into the soft ground indicated the riders had shifted direction and now headed north, away from the river. Colton concluded the men didn’t know where they were going, which gave him the advantage. The mountains and forests that stretched north is where Colton gained his education, where he’d learned how to trap, hunt, and track.

His horse scraped a hoof over the ground and sidestepped back from the ravine, but it wasn’t the drop or the water below that bothered the gelding. Colton smelled the fire and the burning flesh, and he searched the sky on the other side of the river for signs of smoke.

Excerpt © MK McClintock

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