An Angel Called Gallagher

Book 4

Available in Paperback, E-book, & Large Print

Western Historical Holiday

On a ranch known as Hawk’s Peak, a family celebrates love, joy, and peace at last . . . or so the Gallaghers thought.

Briarwood, Montana Territory—December 1883

Brenna is convinced she hears a woman singing to her son. Eliza and Ethan are unnerved by a sleepwalker, and Isabelle swears Hawk’s Peak is haunted.

Then an unlikely visitor stumbles into their lives.

Enjoy a heartwarming holiday adventure filled with tenderness, hope, and the promise of a better tomorrow for more than one deserving soul. Join us for a Gallagher Christmas at Hawk’s Peak and fall in love with the family all over again.

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From the Readers

"This was a great read. If you don’t believe in ghosts I am with you, but if you believe in angels I am one hundred per cent in agreement. God knew that Catie needed the assurance that she was truly a part of the Gallagher family. Grandma Gallagher made sure she found the love letters at Christmas when miracles seem more prevalent. Sweet sweet book." - Amazon Reviewer

"If you haven't read a MK McClintock book, pick one up soon. You will love where she takes you and will fall in love with all her characters." - M.L. Sullivan

"Ms. McClintock’s stories are adventurous and full of budding romance that transports you back in to a simpler time where the outside world ceases to exist once you open one of her books." - My Life, One Story at a Time

"I just love when a book literally covers everything. Love, despair, holidays, generosity, family, beautiful scenery, all rolled into one perfect book! MK McClintock has created this in An Angel Called Gallagher. Her wordsmithing is beyond reproach. I very highly recommend this beautiful book at all readers!" - Meri Overstreet, Amazon Review

A Note from MK

Dearest Reader,

The Gallaghers have a lot to offer those who happen into their lives. An Angel Called Gallagher introduces Catie, a young girl who needed a loving and caring family more than anything else in the world. The family welcomes here into their home and hearts, but not all is what it seems, and they have a rocky path to traverse. Catie is a remarkable girl who proves that a person can be strong, no matter one's age. I love this family more and more with every story, and I can't wait for you to meet Catie and spend Christmas with us all at the ranch. I hope you'll let me know what you think after you've read the book.

Happy Reading,

~ Mk

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