Gallagher's Choice

Western Historical Romance

Somewhere between the rugged mountains and open plains on the Montana frontier, the Gallaghers struggle to find peace, hope, and love on a wild land. 

He finally has a family to call his own. She now knows what it means to risk it all. Together they have a chance to find peace at last. 

Eliza Gallagher is tough, resilient, and rides a horse like she was born in the saddle, all necessary qualities for someone who runs a cattle ranch. She has more to avenge than any of them and she is counting on those skills to find the justice they all seek—until she realizes it could cost her everything and everyone she loves. 

Ramsey Hunter finally knows what it is to have a family and what it takes to keep that family together. Coming back won’t be easy, but he never imagines what he will have to risk to keep it. Eliza gets him home; now Ramsey has to do whatever it takes to save her life and help bring peace to Hawk’s Peak. 

Danger, adventure, and heartwarming romance will sweep you away in Gallagher's Choice, the unforgettable third book in MK McClintock's Montana Gallagher series.

"I feel as though I am being redundant and I suppose I am about the Montana Gallagher Series. MK McClintock is one of the best writers of this decade."

— Goodreads review

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"I couldn't have asked for a better ending to the Gallagher's story. The Gallagher family has warmed my heart, and they have become like a second family. Ms. McClintock kept the action stampeding at an all time high in the conclusion of the Gallagher's story."
—Rose Harness

"I am not normally a fan of westerns, however these books are so much more. They are about family, protecting your loved ones and righting wrongs. I loved that I got to read about the brothers from the first two books and it was about time that Eliza got her story told. She was a spitfire in the first two books by telling her opinions often and speaking her mind. I liked how her personality played out with her man."
—Goodreads review

"I feel as though I am being redundant & I suppose I am about the Montana Gallagher Series. MK McClintock is one of the best writers of this decade. The action including drama, range wars fighting evil, intrigue, love & forgiveness. The Gallagher family especially Eliza is always bring home people who need a family. Great book."
—Patricia, Goodreads review

"Wow!!!!! This was a extraordinary story line. The characters are intriguing; compelling; passionate and believable. How you weave all the history background and personality's into such a awesome tale. Awaiting more of the Gallagher' s story."
—Judi T., Amazon review

"The books are well written, full of the beauty of the countryside as well as the people. The story-lines are intriguing, full of romance and intrigue, and will keep you guessing until the very last page. As the author said, the characters are flawed, likable, and sometimes infuriating and you will love each and every one of them. I am giving the Gallagher series five stars. You will fast become a fan of MK McClintock."
—My Life, One Story at a Time

"The tough, independent Gallaghers find love and extra strength through that love that helps them succeed in the beautiful wilds of Montana. Even Eliza learns to love and desires to add her talents to strengthening Hawk's Peak. Another exciting romantic mystery to love."
—Amazon review

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Dearest Reader, 

Is it possible for me to love the Gallaghers even more? I believe it is. Even though this story concludes what I'm calling a trilogy in the Gallagher series, you have not seen the last of this remarkable family. Ramsey is a nice balance of tough and sweet. He missed out on a lot, but he's been lucky when all is said and done. Eliza is a contradiction of stubborn pride and levelheadedness. She loves her family, her life, and does what has to be done. I love the steadiness of both Ramsey and Eliza, which is why I believe they are a wonderful match. The present dangers may now be resolved, but the adventure doesn't end here.

Be well, be kind, and enjoy!

~ Mk




Book 3

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Western Historical Romance


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IN THE YEARS HE’D known the Gallaghers, Ramsey failed to receive an invite to Hawk’s Peak. He’d been friendly with Ethan and Gabriel and had always noticed Eliza, but as a member of the Double Bar outfit, he had never expected an invitation. Nor did he blame the Gallaghers for not extending one. His grandfather had practiced the art of underhanded deception, but Ramsey remained on the Double Bar for all of those years out of loyalty to his grandmother. When he left, it was with the hope of protecting everyone else. A mistake he couldn’t change, but one he hoped to make right.

Ramsey now walked through the Gallaghers’ home and realized the wood and stone construction was merely protection from the elements. The people within those walls gave the structure life and meaning. He envied the warmth and kindness he saw in the small framed photographs on surfaces smelling faintly of beeswax. The worn rugs muffled the sound of his boots and attested to years of good use by a large family. The welcome scents of home cooking wafted from another part of the house and reminded him of the days before his grandmother ceased her efforts to make a home for his grandfather.

He watched Eliza walk toward a room off the left side of the hallway. She turned to face him. “Are you coming?”

He nodded. “In a minute. Where’s Elizabeth?”

Eliza smiled and pointed to a large open door farther down the hallway on the right.

“I just need a minute.”

“My brothers will wait,” she said and disappeared into the library.

Ramsey stopped under the doorframe that led into the kitchen and took a moment to watch the woman who had loved him all the years of his life. Every time he suffered emptiness at the loss of his parents, or of never having known his sister, he remembered everything Elizabeth had sacrificed for him. The pain he experienced of life without his family filled him, but Elizabeth’s love he carried with him during the ten long years he’d been away.

A younger woman walked in behind him. “I’m sorry, sir; I didn’t know anyone else was here.” Her words caught Elizabeth’s attention.

“Brenna told me you’d come,” his grandmother said, and though she didn’t move, she looked at the young woman. “It’s all right, Isabelle. This is my . . . grandson.”

Excerpt © MK McClintock

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