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Summer Simplification . . . Except Books

River Road, Bigfork by MK McClintock

As many readers can attest, there's a high prevalence of book addiction among our kind. I'm proud that we can say we're addicted to books; they entertain, educate, inspire, and give us something to talk about at parties (if we're not home reading instead).

I'm moving to a new house in September, and while the house I'm in now was showing, I decided to pack away everything I didn't absolutely need. Well, I should have known better than to pack all of my books, but I've been on a purge to simplify my life and went a little crazy with the packing. Now all my books, even ones I haven't read, are neatly tucked away in boxes for another month.

This, of course, was my justification to buy new books to tide me over until I get to lovingly unpack each book and place them neatly on their bookshelf.

I recently finished A STRANGER AT FELLSWORTH by Sarah M. Eden, a great read I can highly recommend.

I've been on the search for new historical western romance books. My go-to authors only publish once or twice a year, so I've been enjoying some other genres. Because I buy and read in print, I'm more selective about book covers, and I've been disappointed to see that many books that sound interesting are only available in e-book.

I'm in the mood for something . . . different—more western than straight up romance, but with some romance in the story. I'm not big on mail-order bride books these days because too many of them sound the same, but I did order a book by new-to-me-author, Davalynn Spencer, titled AN IMPROPER PROPOSAL. It sounds like something I'll enjoy. Have you read her books?

Not that it's your job to find me new books to read, but if you read historical western romance without the stories being too heavy on romance (I prefer more story, and have some recommendations, I'd love to hear about them!

I'm currently reading THE FIREBIRD by Susanna Kearsley. She's a fabulous author!

It's been a productive morning with a long walk, a bit of garden work, purging my closets of clothes I haven't work in the past five years, and now it's time for writing.

Glacier National Park by MK McClintock


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