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In Love with Eagles

When I'm not writing and doing a gazillion other things, I try to fit a little time in each month to go through the masses of digital photos I've collected over the years. A lot of the older photos need cleaning up, which is why I only get through a dozen or so at a time. These are a few of the eagle images I found in my latest search. Well, some I've pulled before, but I hadn't properly organized them, so they have resurfaced. All of these eagles are perched on a wildlife tree next to my old house, so there were a lot of opportunities to capture these amazing creatures.

(Yes, I enhanced the sky for fun, but the eagle is real. :))

I'm a little obsessed with eagles. I find them fascinating and beautiful, and of course each unique in personality. Like the one in the first photo above; just sitting there minding his (or her) own business and trying to figure out what the silly human is doing.

Eagles_MK McClintock

Whenever an eagle landed on any one of the trees near the house, I stopped what I was doing and I either took a few pictures or just sat and watched. Most of the time they would rest and gaze at the world around them. A lot of times they would hunt in the lake, waiting for an unsuspecting fish or duck.

Eagles_MK McClintock

Even Nara, my beloved best bud, would lay on the deck and watch them. She didn't bark; just watched.

Eagle_MK McClintock

Did you know that bald eagles usually mate for life, and they both share in the raising and feeding the young? How romantic.

Eagle_MK McClintock
Eagle_MK McClintock

Back to writing! I expect to have the first sneak peeks of the new book to share soon.



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