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Dreams and Writing

The last week or so I've not woken up at my usual 5:30 AM. At first I was annoyed because I like to get a lot done first thing, but then I started having these extended dreams. I would find myself literally inside one of my works-in-progress.

It's how I finished Journey to Hawk's Peak . . . a dream! I had become Amanda, which wasn't a hardship because she gets Ben, and he's wonderful and strong and charming and loves her dearly. Except one of the scenes in which I had become a part of the story, Amanda wasn't having such a good time. I didn't find that enjoyable, but it was a rush! Danger, romance, adventure . . . I didn't want to wake up!

Hawk's Peak Ranch is a magical place for me, and any time I can be there with my characters, I'm a happy writer.

For those who have asked about the release date for Journey to Hawk's Peak, I should know in a few days from my editor, and will be sure to announce it. And for those who have asked if there will be more stories in the series, the answer is yes. I have two novellas planned, and then I'll go from there. I often think that some of the characters in Briarwood deserve little stories of their own.

If you haven't already met the Gallaghers or their friends of Hawk's Peak, you can discover where it all began with Gallagher's Pride. Available in e-book, paperback, large print, and audiobook.

The stunning images in this post are from Pixabay. Visit the contributor's page.


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