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With Love from the British Agents

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm sharing expressions of love from my characters, or should I say, their love for each other. Enjoy!


Tristan & Alaina in Alaina Claiborne

Alaina stepped closer to him. "What we've been through, what we must go through, will mean nothing if we can't be everything to each other."

"It's not that easy." Tristan closed the distance between them and glided his hands up the length of her arms. "If I held nothing back from you, I would relinquish the piece of me which allows me to do this job."

"Or you could end up with everything you've ever dreamed of having." Alaina lifted his hand from her arm and placed it on her heart.

Tristan's moist eyes gazed into hers. His hand remained where it felt the beating in her chest, and he lowered his lips to meet hers. It wasn't a kiss meant to possess but to release himself from emotional bondage. Her fingers slid up his back, circling, until she held him close, wrapping him completely in her arms. His strength rippled through her and she closed her eyes, allowing her imagination to sweep her into the future.



Charles & Rhona in Blackwood Crossing

Why did you agree to be my escort?”

Charles wouldn’t lie to himself and claim that the unfolding of events was not to his liking, but those emotions he’d worked to suppress during the journey to Rhona’s wedding slowly rose once again to the surface of his heart and thoughts.

He risked confusing her at a time when she would need all of her strength to find her mother’s killer, especially if the killer turned out to be someone she loved. In the end, she may choose to return home to the Northern Highlands, and he could not bear to experience what she had when he had left.

“I was called upon, with Tristan and Devon, to do so.” The answer lacked every raw emotion Charles struggled to contain.

“No other reason?”

The smile formed slowly while he memorized the way her mostly red hair shimmered under candlelight. Her gray eyes sparkled, revealing the eagerness he sensed in her. “Do you remember the night we sneaked away after the staff had retired? The stars and moon lit our way to the bridge that crossed over the stream.”

Rhona nodded and smiled in remembrance. “It was a cool night, but I don’t remember being cold.”

“Do you remember what I told you that night?”

“The words haunt my dreams.”

Charles knelt before her and slid his hand up her arm, gliding over the silky fabric. “It’s as true now as it was then.”



Devon & Anne in Clayton's Honor

“Promise me something, Anne.” Her eyes glistened, though he didn’t know why. “When this is over—”

Her voice was barely above a whisper. “Yes?”

Devon lowered his lips to meet hers. Every ending in his body responded, and he knew hers had, too, when she flattened her body against his. Running his hand over her back, he deepened the kiss. The soft moan that escaped her lips told Devon he’d gone far enough. He broke their connection and set her away from him.

“Forgive me.”

Anne sensed the willingness of her own body and realized her mind was not far behind. Consequences be damned, she wanted Devon—all of him. She lost herself in every stroke and touch of his fingers over her back and up into her hair, driving her need and his.


Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

~MK McClintock

Do you know the history of this "holiday"? It's rather interesting and goes far beyond valentines, chocolate, and flowers. Read up on it at

This post was previously shared in Feb 2019.


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