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A Woman's Point of View: An Interview with Alaina and Rhona

Welcome to a place of romance, adventure, and mystery in nineteenth-century Britain. Join us for chats while we visit England, Scotland, and Ireland as the agents and their lovely heroines embark on one adventurous mystery after another.

An Interview with Alaina and Rhona

(This takes place before Anne entered the series in Clayton's Honor.)

MK: First, let me say how lovely it is to be here with you at Claiborne Manor. It's truly stunning.

Alaina: It's my pleasure to have you here. Rhona and I have been talking about this for days.

Rhona: Well, it's rare that we have a moment without husbands or children underfoot, but you're not here to talk about our domestic life.

MK: Some of it, absolutely. I find it fascinating how you manage to lead such normal lives at home while your men are off doing whatever they do.

Alaina: I've found that staying busy helps to keep my mind off the danger they find themselves in.

Rhona: Oh, I agree, but I'm glad they have each other while they're on assignment.

Alaina: My dear, Rhona. The fretting only gets worse, but I do feel a bit more at ease when I know Tristan isn't working along.

MK: Do they ever go on solo missions?

Rhona: Unfortunately, yes. (Rhona grins). However, if Charles hadn't been alone on his mission to Scotland to spy on my father, he and I might not have had our chance.

Alaina: Do you really think so? I see you two together and I can't imagine anyone else for our Charles.

Rhona: You are a dear friend, Alaina.

MK: Have either of you ever been on assignment with the men?

Alaina and Rhona glance at each other and smile.

Alaina: Yes, but not because they wanted us there.

Rhona: After that last mission, I thought Charles was going to lock in me a tower somewhere and toss the key over the cliffs.

Alaina: Would you have blamed him?

Rhona: Well, no.

MK: Uh, what happened?

Rhona: Top secret, my dear. Rhona leans in and speaks in a whisper. I can tell you that were it not for a few womanly wiles, our men might not have lived through it.

MK: Really?

Alaina: Really. I'm forever grateful to Rhona for her quick thinking.

Rhona: You gave me the idea.

Alaina: I did? Well that's smashing.

MK: You both must miss them terribly when they're gone.

Alaina: More and more, but it's a part of who they are. Loving them means accepting what they do.

Rhona: Not to mention that it's exciting.

Alaina: Rhona, you can't possibly like it.

Rhona: Not the danger, no, but the adventure . . .

Alaina: Rhona has an adventurous spirit.

MK: That's wonderful! What has been your greatest adventure, Rhona?

Rhona: I tagged along with Charles, to his utter dismay, and nearly got us both killed in the process.

MK: And that was exciting?

Rhona: More than you can imagine. Although, living with Charles is a daily adventure.

Alaina: How right you are. Although, I have fond memories of my excursion to America with Tristan.

Rhona: Charles and Devon told me that you worried them to no end.

Alaina: Yes, well, before I became a mother, I might have been a bit careless.

MK: What about Devon? Does he have someone special in his life?

Rhona: Not exactly.

MK: What do you mean?

Alaina: She means that we suspect Devon has set his sights upon someone, but we can't confirm anything.

Rhona: Only a matter of time.

MK: Can you give us a hint?

Alaina: Oh no, my dear. Devon has kept this quite under his belt.

Rhona: Do you think Tristan and Charles know?

Alaina: Not likely.

MK: Then how do you know?

Rhona and Alaina send each other conspiratorial smiles.

Alaina: Our husbands may be the agents, but don't discount us, my dear.

MK: I find your lives truly fascinating. Will we see more of you.

Rhona: Count on it.

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