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What Do You Like About Yourself ~ #UpbeatAuthors

This week the #UpbeatAuthors are sharing something we like about ourselves. I have a tough time speaking about myself in any public forum, especially when it's supposed to be self-praise. However, it's important that we remind ourselves—and not others—of our own worth.

I like that I don't give up. I may change my mind or reprioritize one thing in favor of another, but when it comes down to what's important, I don't give up on myself or on others.

In the age of social media and constant competition with the perceived life of someone else, it's important to step away from all that noise and focus on what you have that others don't. Material possessions are fun, but they don't make the person who owns them. Remember that who you are, who you have the capability of becoming, matters.


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