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March Madness E-Book Deals

Did you know that "March Madness" is not all about sports? Perhaps these days it is, but since I'm not one to watch sports (I know the basics, and then I'm lost.), so I went searching for the origins. Tickled I was to discover that it dates further back than collegiate sports—some sources claim people went mad from the weather, others say it has something to do with hares and breeding season.

No matter it's origins, madness seems to describe this month well. That time before taxes (in the US; always maddening) and the first transition between winter and spring with the month having one foot in each season.

It seems appropriate to turn all that madness into a perk for book lovers! Hence, the e-book deals. This month, watch out for the titles below going on sale (starting March 10). Be sure to check the price in your country.


Books are the joy that bring light and life,

In their pages, worlds unfold and stories thrive,

Words dance like fireflies in the night,

Guiding us through darkness, shining bright.

Their stories hold secrets and dreams untold,

A world of wonder waiting to unfold.

With every turn, a new adventure begins,

Books are the joy that feeds our souls within.


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