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3 Reasons to Visit Northumberland in THE GHOST OF GREYSON HALL

One of the most exciting prospects of reading a book is the anticipation of traveling to another time and place. The wild and beautiful estate of Greyson Hall first appeared in Clayton's Honor, where it quickly became symbolic of home and family for Devon Clayton. It is to here I longed to return, for this grand stone ediface in Northumberland remained with me as a place that deserved further exploration.

Northumberland in winter_image from Unsplash

3 Reasons to Visit Northumberland in The Ghost of Greyson Hall (with mini teasers from the book)

1. Breathtaking Scenery

Winter has descended upon the inhabitants of Greyson Hall, with Christmas soon to come, and the landscape glistens with fresh snow beneath rays of sunshine when it dares to sneak through the clouds.

Snow-covered hills and open land rolled into woodland beyond the farms, and where the sun and wind contrived to clear away snow, patches of brown grass yearned for spring.

2. Mystery and History

Historical facts serve as building blocks in the foundation of every historical work of fiction worth reading, and yet, history is often a tertiary character, appearing only when necessary to propel or anchor the story in the past. The mystery is sprinkled here and there to keep the characters wondering.

Descendants of the family attempted to unravel the mystery of the eighteenth-century puzzle, alas to no avail. Few took the matter seriously—after all, it was long before their time—and the image of a graceful beauty with hair as pale as the risen moon and eyes the color of waves on the sea faded into history.

3. Romance

Love is at the heart of this story, and the love comes in many forms: Romance between those destined to be together, but also love of family, friends, and even an untouchable yearning.

He grazed her with his eyes until his penetrating stare touched every inch of visible flesh. It wasn’t enough, and she knew that when this man kissed her, when their bodies found a way to come together, no force would dare pull them apart.

The Ghost of Greyson Hall by MK McClintock_ Oct 3, 2023

The Ghost of Greyson Hall

Once a year, an ancient secret walks the corridors of Greyson Hall, a place shrouded in mystery and whispered legend.

When Devon Clayton inherited the stately mansion in England’s wild north from his uncle, he never imagined what secrets lurked within its walls, hidden for centuries. When his friends and brothers join him for the holiday, the British Agents and their families discover that their most unusual case will bring new meaning to Christmas spirit.

They must now unravel a century-old mystery if they are to break the curse and save a love that transcends time.

A long novella set in Northumberland in December 1782 and 1892.

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Note: The British Agent series books are written to be read as stand-alone novels. However, they each have cross-over characters, meaning characters from each book will appear in the others. The only reading order is chronological, but each title can still be read as stand-alone.

The mini teasers/excerpts from The Ghost of Greyson Hall © copyright MK McClintock.

The British Agent series by MK McClintock - historical romance mystery books


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