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Mini Post: Thanksgiving's Imprint on Christmas

Thanksgiving does not end simply because its passing is marked by a single date on the calendar. Its essence lingers, when embraced, well into the Christmas season, shaping the atmosphere and celebrations of the upcoming holidays.

We've picked out our tree, have planned some of the delicious treats that will fill the kitchen with tantalizing aromas (some new, some old favorites), and are awaiting a new Christmas cottage puzzle. Each memory is precious in its simplicity and not a single moment passes without giving overwhelming thanks that such things we so often take for granted are possible.

Whether it be decorating a Christmas tree, indulging in delicious treats, or solving a puzzle, these simple yet cherished activities remind us to appreciate the little things in life, for those little things often become the most important memories that we carry with us always.

And really, really important . . . Don't forget all the wonderful books you can give as Christmas gifts!


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