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Reflections in Glacier National Park

Our souls need time for solitude and self-reflection, and it is in nature where we can always find both.

It had been a little while since I ventured up to Glacier, and most of the roads are still closed. The colors are still in the transitional phase from winter's end to springs beginning, so at first glance the landscape might appear a little dull.

Reflections in Glacier National Park_©MK McClintock

Then comes the moment of chastisement, when I take another look and of course, it is impossible to look upon such grandeur and not find the wonder and majesty. The water's slight ripples prevented perfect reflections, but there is no need to search for perfect in an imperfect world.

Reflections in Glacier National Park_©MK McClintock

Nature, in her beautiful and unpredictable way, holds the answer to any question we will ever have. Not because we look upon her mountains, trees, water, or sky and are given what we need without work. I believe it is because when in the face of nature, whether it be seedlings in a garden, the awesomeness of a vast ocean, or the highest peak on earth, we are not merely looking outward, but searching within ourselves.

Reflections in Glacier National Park_©MK McClintock

Of course, it is nice to just gaze in awe and think of nothing at all. To the right, cut off in the above picture, is a dock. It was empty this morning save for a man and his dog. He stood on the edge, a ceramic mug in hand, with the dog sitting next to him, and appeared to bask in the beauty. Was he thinking of anything other than the stillness and peace those few moments offered? He did not appear to be, and that in itself is a kind of reflection. We all need minutes and hours when our mind has no responsibility other than to enjoy serenity wherever we can find it.

Reflections in Glacier National Park_©MK McClintock

I did not have the right lens on hand when the geese took flight (image below), skimming over the lake's surface, and settling on the other side. The crunch of gravel under my feet, no matter how quiet I tried to be, warned them that their solitude had been interrupted. I was sorry for it, but knew they would find more.

The park was a refuge this morning, as it often can be during the off season, when a person can sit and bask in silence with nature's gentle chorus for company.

Reflections in Glacier National Park_©MK McClintock

Human noise is invading natural places more and more, polluting the environment as much as trash left on the ground. The cacophony is not only detrimental to nature, but to human health. We need quiet and peaceful places in order to thrive. Did you know that noise pollution can interfere with memory retention and a good mood? Well, I did, but not from a scientific standpoint. I just know I am happier when human noise doesn't interfere with nature.

Reflections in Glacier National Park_©MK McClintock

And so I relish the tranquility of days like this, when nature is allowed respite and the people who are there, like the man enjoying the view from the dock, respect the land and creatures on it, knowing that we are merely guests.

"Like water which can clearly mirror the sky and the trees only so long as its surface is undisturbed, the mind can only reflect the true image of the self when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed." – Indra Devi

Reflections in Glacier National Park_©MK McClintock

Happy Easter to you, along with wishes of hope, peace, and goodness today and many days hence.

Be well, be kind, and stay safe.



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