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Now Available: "Unchained Courage," A Whitcomb Springs Story

I'm excited to share the newest releases in the Whitcomb Springs series! "Unchained Courage" (by moi) and "The Unwitting Hero of Whitcomb Springs" by Samantha St. Claire. If you're new to this series, you can take a look at all currently available stories HERE. Mine are in chronological order, so they read like an ongoing saga, but ALL of the stories can be read in ANY order.

Journey to the little mountain town of Whitcomb Springs, Montana, and meet a delightful group of settlers whose stories and adventures celebrate the rich life of the American West.

"Unchained Courage"

Montana Territory—1865

Daniel and Evelyn Whitcomb dreamed of adventure as they made a home in the Rocky Mountains. Four years after Daniel left Montana, he returns from the Civil War a man uncertain of where he belongs. Through courage, honor, and the arrival of an old friend, Daniel finds a way back to the life he once imagined. Join him in “Unchained Courage” for a lesson in the power of hope, faith, and remembrance.


"The Unwitting Hero of Whitcomb Springs"

Montana Territory—1884

Drawn by the romantic stories of brave men carving a home out of the Montana wilderness, Rebecca joins her sister in Whitcomb Springs to find a real man, a man of heroic dimensions. What she finds is Roper, a man of dubious dimensions. But looks can be deceiving and Roper may turn out to be just the hero she’s not been looking for.

Learn more about Sam and her wonderful books at

We hope you enjoy these newest installments! These stories have been so much fun to write. You can expect a new story to pop up now and again in between novels and other series.

Please let us know what you think! We both enjoy hearing from readers.

Be well, be kind, and stay bookish!



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