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Mini Post: Hopes and Dreams

After the American Civil War, many sought refuge as far away from where they fought and suffered, and an influx of those seekers found what they wanted in the great American West.

The vast and unexplored lands provided the perfect canvas for individuals to start afresh and build a prosperous future with a multitude of new opportunities. And of course they could enjoy a sense of freedom and adventure. The rugged landscapes, vast open spaces, and untamed wilderness captivated the imaginations of many individuals who yearned for a fresh start.

The stories in the Whitcomb Springs series share the tales, albeit fictional, of those who sought this new beginning, who wanted great adventures, or those who simply needed something so different that turned away from all that was familiar to see what might await.

Without hopes and dreams, without the promise of a better future, life would be devoid of meaning and purpose. Hopes and dreams are the fuel that drive us towards achieving our goals and aspirations, bring light when all around us is dark, and they deserve to be nutured—whether off the page or on.

Hopes and Dreams in Whitcomb Springs by MK McClintock - historical western romance


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