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Mini Post: Do you want to be magical?

Have you ever wanted special powers? I don't mean sixth-sense gifts like heightened intuition or awareness, though those are great. I'm talking about actual magical powers.

I'm still on a re-reading marathon with books (always the case when I'm in laser-focus mode on a new manuscript), and a recent book included Key of Light by Nora Roberts from The Key Trilogy. Now, one thing I do appreciate about Roberts's talent is her ability to make magic feel so normal. Her Three Sisters Island trilogy does a great job of this as well, but what it all comes down to is mortals with special gifts.

So, have you ever wanted to be magical? Living a normal life, but with an little extra something?

I'd want to talk to animals. Healing would be another cool gift, but it's all about the animals for me. Wolves, bears, eagles, and of course my favorite pups and horses. It would be amazing to be able to connect with creatures on a telepathic level, to sense, know, and understand the world through their perspective.

Image | Unsplash by Milo Weiler


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