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Mini Post: Have you ever wanted to run an inn?

I have. And many times over the years I have come close to telling myself it really and truly is what I want to do. I've poured over listings, weighed the pros and cons, and have even inquired into a few. Then I think of noise and lack of privacy and change my mind. But the idea lingers.

One of my favorite books to read when I get in this mood is Born in Ice, book two of Nora Roberts's Irish Born Trilogy. I get to live vicariously through Brianna Concannon as she plays hostess, spends the day baking, gardening, and enjoying the various and colorful guests who stop off in the quiet Irish countryside for a visit.

What a treat to meet new people and then say farewell a few days later. Of course, not every guest would be a handsome writer, and yet, that is the joy of fiction. It can be whatever we want.

In books, we can live every life we have ever imagined (which is my favorite thing about writing). For those of us who don't have a yen to travel the world over, books transport us to whever we want to be so we can spend time with whomever we want.

Such is the power of words.

And so, whenever I long to be an innkeeper, start a Christmas tree farm, or open an antique shop, I read—or write—a book, and live the life I imagine wanting. The best part is that I carry that life with me always, even as I enjoy the blessings of my real one.


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