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Get to Know the Character: Brenna Cameron

The website fairies have discovered a few "hidden" extras languishing deep within the recesses of this site. Among them is this chat I enjoyed with Brenna (Brenna Cameron of Gallagher's Pride) many years ago.

For those who are new to the Gallagher family, you can get to know Brenna a little. For those who have long enjoyed the company of the Gallaghers, you already know Brenna, and may like looking back to a glimpse of her early days.

While we are careful to try and not share spoilers, if you are new to the series, please keep in mind that any book extras posted on this blog and site may contain minor spoilers, though they are generally only hints and glimpses.

Gallagher's Pride by MK McClintock


Welcome to a Q&A with Brenna Cameron, our very own Scottish lass who took time out of her busy Gallagher's Pride appearances to answer a visit with us over a cup of tea on the porch of Hawk's Peak.

MK: Welcome Brenna! It's a pleasure to have you joining us. It can't be easy getting away right now.

BC: Thank you for having me as your guest. It's a delight to be here and I must admit, lovely to have a wee bit of a holiday.

MK: What a magnificent view we have here. I imagine you spend a great deal of time sitting here and enjoying the peacefulness.

BC: Whenever time allows it. It has been a calming place for me since I first arrived at Hawk's Peak and this rocking chair has become a comforting friend.

MK: So Brenna, you've done a bit of traveling recently, and have journeyed a long distance. Could you tell us a little about your home in Scotland?

BC: I'd be delighted! Cameron Manor is my family home in Scotland. It is nestled in the lush countryside north of Edinburgh. Stone reaches up three stories with a library collection my father spent years building. The gardens are one of my favorite places, and my mother and I used to spend hours working the soil. Then of course there are the stables! Oh such a magnificent structure and the place I spend much of my time when home.

MK: It sounds so beautiful! Did you spend much time in the city?

BC: Goodness no. I was rather sheltered by my parents. I did have a tutor from London who would tell me stories about her travels and I traveled to the Highlands with my family from time to time, but Cameron Manor and the countryside is where I spent my time. As the years passed, there wasn't much of a desire to venture far from home.

MK: Until you left Scotland. Will share a little about your journey?

BC: Such an unexpected adventure it was! It began with some letters and a fierce desire, with a bit of welled-up anger for good measure, to discover family who, shall we say, was lost to me for a time. The journey was rather arduous and at times I wondered if it would end. America is so different from my beloved Scotland in both appearance and her people. It was with great relief when I reached Briarwood.

MK: Briarwood was your final destination in Montana?

BC: What I had prayed would be my final destination. Thankfully it was here I discovered what I had left Scotland to seek. Such a magnificent place with mountains so glorious and a vast blue sky. It took some time to appreciate the grandeur and beauty as my thoughts were otherwise occupied.

MK: You ran into a bit of trouble not long after you arrived. Will you tell us a little about that?

BC: It was a dreadful situation and I'm not too proud to admit how frightened I was when it first happened. It didn't take long for fear to become anger though—horrible wretched men they were.

MK: That does sound awful. You made it through all right?

BC: Of course, thanks to Ethan and the others. Ah, but they are another story.

MK: Looking forward to your next visit to hear all about it. So, have you found a new home in Montana?

BC: Oh yes! A new home and a new family. Scotland will always be in my heart and I will visit her again, but Hawk's Peak is where I found a new beginning.

MK: Your life certainly has been a fascinating adventure. Thank you again for your lovely hospitality and I look forward to our next visit.

Read all about Brenna's adventures and arrival in Montana in Gallagher's Pride.


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