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Did You Know?

  • Iron City, Dakota Territory is a fictional town based roughly on the present-day town of Hill City, SD. I chose the Black Hills as Amanda's starting point because I was amazed by the rugged beauty and depth of green in the trees of those hills when I visited.

  • Mentioned in the book, Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency, was founded in 1850, more than thirty years prior to when the story takes place. Alan Pinkerton, the founder, was born in Scotland. It is now often referred to as just Pinkerton Detective Agency or Pinkerton Investigations.

  • The 500+ miles Amanda traveled from Dakota to Montana would take only 7-8 hours by car today. Back then by wagon, it would have taken a little over one month. By horse, it would have taken anywhere from 15-25 days depending upon the terrain and horse's endurance. Wagon, horse, and railroad travel are all used in Journey to Hawk's Peak.

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MK McClintock writes stories for those who enjoy escaping to another time and place, where their imaginations are free and open to simple pleasures and stories with plenty of happy-ever-afters—at least for the good guys. Villains get a different kind of ending.


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