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Cinnamon-Roll Coffee Cake and a Book Recommendation

The day began with me not wanting to get out of bed, so I started Laura Franz's The Seamstress of Acadie. I'm not too far in yet, but so far so good. I'm really drawn to the setting and way of life, and Blackburn. I'm excited to read more!

Coffee Cake, anyone?

Before we get to more books, let's have a look at this super delicious Cinnamon-Roll Coffee Cake. Now, it tastes nothing like a cinnamon roll except that it has cinnamon, a delicious topping, and is good enough to want all the time. I've had it for breakfast and dessert, and seriously, it doesn't get old. Then again, I'm a sucker for good coffee cake.

Cinnamon-Roll Coffee Cake-Writer in the Kitchen-MK McClintock

I just can't think about all the sugar, which is why this is not an all-the-time treat. This delectable creation features a tender cake base, generously swirled with a cinnamon mixture. As it bakes, the aroma of spice fills the air, creating an irresistible scent that will have everyone eagerly awaiting a slice.

One of the highlights of this coffee cake is the topping, which, when baked, it forms a crumbly and slightly crunchy caramel layer that adds a delightful texture to each bite.

To make this treat even more decadent, a cream cheese glaze can be drizzled over the top, but since I don't want to go into sugar shock, I haven't tried it that way.

Like most coffee cakes, this is a versatile treat that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Its warm and comforting flavors make it ideal for cozy mornings, for a brunch, or when you simply want to treat yourself.

And, it freezes well!

For your convenience, you can download a PDF of the recipe below. It comes from Cuisine's Holiday Baking Volume 1 (I couldn't find the individual recipe online.). Find more of Cuisine's Holiday Baking editions.


Featured Book

Hopes and Dreams in Whitcomb Springs

Hopes and Dreams in Whitcomb Springs by MK McClintock

High in a mountain valley, a place for those who have loved and lost becomes a home for those who wish to hope and dream.

Set in post-Civil War Montana Territory, in the town of Whitcomb Springs, is a community of strong men and women who have worked to overcome individual struggles faced during and after the war.

Amongst the majestic mountains, clear-water lakes, and hand-hewn homes, you will meet widows, heroes, mountain men, and others who seek a place of peace and renewal.

Meet a brave group of settlers whose stories and adventures celebrate the rich life of the American West with their tales of adventure, courage, mercy, tender romance, and hope for a good tomorrow.


Book Recommendation

The Winter Witch

This recommendation comes from my mom, who is savoring every word of The Winter Witch by Paula Brackson. She tells me that Morgana is a fascinating character and that I'm a fool not to have read this one yet. I'm a great fan of Brackston's writing, and she does a wonderful job at both character and world-building. I have read, and recommend, The Silver Witch, also a part of the same series.

The Winter Witch

May you always have a fire to warm your body, a book to warm your mind, and love to warm your heart. —MK


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