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6 Questions for Cassandra McKenzie

You haven't met Cassandra "Casey" McKenzie yet, but you will soon when she makes her debut in The Case of the Copper King. I'm going to help Cassandra out since she'd probably lie her way through each of these questions. You'll know what I mean once you get to know her.

Are you an only child?

Cassandra: Yes

MK: No, you're not. Cassandra: I am right now.

MK: You're not on a case.

Cassandra: Then yes, I have a sister.

MK: Great, next question.

Cassandra: What about you?

MK: What about me?

Cassandra: Are you an only child?

MK: We're not talking about me.

Cassandra: Maybe we should.

MK: Moving on . . .

Do you have any pets?

Cassandra: Sometimes

MK: How do you sometimes have a pet?

Cassandra: My sister, Rose, has a dog. Sometimes I'm around the dog. You should know this.

MK: This isn't for me. It's for them.

Cassandra: Who is them?

MK: Them. The readers.

Cassandra: Readers of what?

MK: Never mind.

Do you like to cook?

Cassandra: Not especially. Mrs. Pennyworth is a wonderful cook.

MK: Who is Mrs. Pennyworth? Cassandra: I thought you met her when you talked with Rose.

MK: I didn't talk with Rose. That was another author. Well, I kind of did.

Cassandra: Mrs. Pennyworth thinks I take too many risks. You really should tell her I don't.

MK: What does this have to do with cooking?

Cassandra: It's more interesting then asking if I like to cook.

You can cure one disease. Which one would you cure?

Cassandra: Stupidity

MK: That's not nice, but I agree with you.

Cassandra: I meet a lot of stupid people.

MK: You're a Pinkerton.

Cassandra: I don't think that makes sense for them.

MK: Them who?

Cassandra: Them. The readers. By the way, what are they reading?

Where do you live?

Cassandra: Colorado

MK: Can you be more specific?

Cassandra: All over.

MK: Gee, that's helpful.

Cassandra: Now I know where Quinn gets his sarcasm.

MK: Quinn? Don't you mean you?

Cassandra: I haven't a sarcastic word in my arsenal. Mrs. Pennyworth, now, she's one for it. Dry as week-old bread, that one.

MK: I'm going to tell her you said that.

Cassandra: I sometimes live in Denver, and the rest of the time I am wherever the next case takes me.

MK: You're cooperating now so I won't tell Mrs. Pennyworth.

Cassandra: Yes. Yes, I am.

What is your weapon of choice?

Cassandra: I am not going to answer that.

MK: Why not?

Cassandra: If I tell, then people will know what to expect.

MK: You aren't going to hunt down any of the readers. It's safe to talk in front of them.

Cassandra: How do you know? Have you met them all? Can you say for certain none of them are working for the man I'm currently trying to find?

MK: Hmm. Good point.

Cassandra: I'm glad you are coming around to my way of thinking.

MK: I didn't say that.

Cassandra: You meant it.

MK: I think we should invite Quinn next time. He's the more—

Cassandra: I'm pretty sure you don't want to finish that sentence.

MK: I'm pretty sure you're right.

Cassandra: Quinn would be nice to have around, though. What is your weapon of choice? MK: It's far deadlier than yours.

Cassandra: *laughs*

MK: I'm serious.

Cassandra: What is it?

MK: A pen. You know, like the "pen is mightier than the sword."

Cassandra: I do not think Lytton would appreciate your use of the phrase.

MK: Lytton?

Cassandra: Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote it.

MK: Huh. I did not know.

Cassandra: What were we talking about?

MK: Quinn. We were talking about Quinn. How did you two meet? Cassandra: *smiles*

MK: You're not going to tell us, are you?

Cassandra: I believe you already have.

MK: That's in the book. This is here.

Cassandra: Weren't we talking about weapons? I favor a Colt.

MK: Fine, they can read about it in the book. Jeez, you're a lot of work. Thank goodness for Quinn.

Meet Cassandra and Quinn June 22, 2021!

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