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5 Things Cassandra McKenzie Would Say Behind Her Sister’s Back

It's not as harsh as it sounds. In truth, Cassandra and Rose McKenzie are all about family and sisterhood, and they respect and appreciate each other’s many differences. They are also both honest to a fault, and anything Casey would say behind Rose’s back she’d also say to her directly . . . well, most of it.

Of course, Quinn is the only one she’d dare say these things to because she knows he can keep a secret.

1. “Rose blows things up—a lot. I’m not even sure she knows what she’s doing half the time, but at least she hasn’t burned the house down yet.”

2. “I can’t understand why a smart and sensible person like my sister would ride around on one of those bicycles. Denver is safer when Rose opts to walk.”

3. “You’d never get me to admit this to Rose, but I once added baking soda to one of her experimental concoctions. The results were fascinating.”

4. “I love my sister, and she’s great company, but my favorite thing about going home to Denver is the big, beautiful bathtub in my dressing room.”

5. “I can’t swear to this, but I’m certain Mrs. Pennyworth likes me better. After all, I’ve never set fire to the curtains.”

The Case of the Peculiar Inheritance by Samantha St. Claire - historical western cozy mystery

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The Case of the Peculiar Inheritance


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