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Welcome to my virtual world!


I'm MK, or McKenna, depending on which books and genres you read. I explain the two names here.


There is a lot happening in these pages since both pen names were combined into one website. I also don't spend a lot of time on social media or attend conferences, so I try to provide as much as I can here. While this means there's a lot more to look through, we've created this page to ease you into your first-time visit to the website. We've worked hard to make the site easy to navigate so you don't miss out on anything.

To subscribe to book news or special offers, visit the Subscribe page. You'll be able to subscribe to the newsletter and/or blog. The newsletter will give you new release updates only, along with an annual newsletter of happenings from the year.

The Tales & Tidings blog is randomness and news for both pen names. Seriously, it's random. I post about books, hobbies, where I live, quotes, and random letters. Did I mention it's random? It's fun for me, so I hope it's fun for you, too.

MK McClintock books (those are historical) can all be found on the MK Books page. Under MK, I write historical romantic westerns, westerns, and historical romantic mystery. You're likely to see some Scottish historicals, too. I also write poetry and publish gratitude and writing journals under this name.

McKenna Grey books (those are contemporary) can all be found on the McKenna Books page. Under McKenna, I write romantic thrillers, thrillers, and small-town, sweet contemporary romance. I have plans for another genre or two under this pen name, all contemporary or dual timeline.


To see what's in the works/on the writing board for both pen names, visit the Coming Next page.

The Extras page features extras for both pen names along with some that are just . . . extra.  Character guides, recipes, photo galleries, book trailers, interviews, and more! This page will be updated periodically.

To shop all books, visit the Shop page. You'll find links to ALL retailers for both pen names. You can also order autographed paperbacks.

Social media . . . I have pages and you can check them out by following the links below. In full disclosure, my updates to social media pages are random and most posts are scheduled far in advance. The blog feeds automatically to Facebook. I limit myself to thirty minutes per week of social time, and spend most of that time stopping in at the McGrey Readers page or the Pioneer Hearts page on Facebook.

There's a McGrey Readers page on the website, too! Be sure you're signed up for the newsletter, and then register and request access for exclusive content.

That about covers it. If we think of anything else that will make your web browsing experience even better, we'll update this page.

Thank you for visiting!

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