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I'll be the first to admit that I rarely know when a new review is posted, nor do I need to know, but I want the reader and blogging community to know how grateful I am to you for giving my books a chance. I firmly believe that reviews are for the readers, so if you've posted a review online—good or not—that can help other readers, I wish to say "Thank You" many times over.

If you'd really like to see your happy review featured here, you're welcome to send it via email.

"Ms. McClintock succeeds in masterfully weaving both genres meticulously together until mystery lovers are sold on romance and romance lovers love the mystery!"

— InD'tale Magazine on Alaina Claiborne

"Journey to Hawk's Peak by MK McClintock is one of the most gripping and thrilling western novels that anyone will ever read. This is probably the best novel that I have yet read as a reviewer. It clicks on all cylinders—grammar, punctuation, plot, characterization, everything. This novel is a serious page-turner, and for fans of western fiction, it is a must-read."

— Readers' Favorite


"The Case of the Copper King is a fun adventure that keeps readers intrigued as the main characters work to solve a mystery. Casey is an intriguing main character whose bravery and intelligence are really shown off in the plot. Quinn is an interesting match for her and it is enjoyable for readers to follow along with their banter and partnership as they work to complete the case they were assigned. While this book is  clearly part of a series, it stands well on its own and readers don’t  feel like they’re missing anything if they haven’t read the other books." —Judge, 30th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards (Honorable Mention Award)

“I just finished a six-book series by MK McClintock, the Montana Gallaghers. It is honestly the best series I have ever read. Each person is developed into a star and given their own book, but all the other characters are given their own time and investment in that book. Wow! What a series. I guarantee you won't be able to stop reading. Well done MK!”

— Pioneer Hearts Reader

"Wild Montana Winds by MK McClintock effectively combines the excitement of a western with the joy of a romance. I appreciated the fast-paced narrative, which was brimming with action and adventure as well as solid family values. There were moments of suspense as the mystery developed, and revelation as the villains were exposed. I enjoyed the way the author created a thrill using intimate moments like the removal of a corset during first aid, all the while keeping the heroine chaste. I also liked the fact that the book belongs to a series, yet is completely readable on its own. The period setting and unique community of Hawke’s Peak added to the charm and atmosphere of the story. This novel provides interesting and entertaining leisure reading." —Readers' Favorite

"This one started off with a bang in more ways than one! This was a grand story, with great characters plus the action, adventure, danger, and very interesting romance were beyond just entertaining."

—Crystal Crossings on The Case of the Copper King

"Any reader who loves Westerns, romances, historical fiction or just a great read would love this book, and I am pleased to be able to very highly recommend it. This is the first book I've read by this author, but it certainly won't be the last. Do yourself a favor and give it a chance!" —Readers' Favorite on Gallagher's Pride

McKenna Grey Reviews

“Wow! A captivating page turner! I couldn't stop reading. Fabulous characters! 4 1/2 Hours of pure suspenseful, intense, powerful, and thrilling non-stop pleasure. Wow! So well written. Don't miss it. Read! Enjoy!”

– BookBub review on The Wicked Cries Wolf

“That’s the way to do it - keep the reader hooked and reading and thinking they have it all figured out ... only to discover that they don’t. A nice bit of romance, a good deal of “whodunit” tension, and a satisfying conclusion make Shadow of the Forgotten a great read on a weekend away. Enjoy!” – Readers' Favorite


“The Dragon’s Staircase is a mind-boggling adventure that will keep you guessing until the last page.”

Night Owl Reviews, Top Pick

“Holy smokes! This is one suspenseful, anxiety-ridden, skin-crawling tale of murder, mystery, and psychological creepiness. Looking for a hard-to-figure-out mystery with a side order of nail-biting? Then look no further!”

– InD'tale Magazine on The Dragon's Staircase

“WOW, what a read! The plot was intense, powerful and thrilling and held me captive all the way through! The characters fairly leaped off the page, and the tension was palpable. If you are looking for a book that you just CAN’T put down, then this is DEFINITELY the book for you!” —BookBub review on The Wicked Cries Wolf