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Writers for Hope Auction 2021 - Closed

Updated 4/11/2021 - Congratulations to Lorinda Ravo, winning bidder, and one of many who made this year's auction a success!


The 2021 Writers for Hope Auction is now open for bids from April 5 to April 9, 2021. This is a wonderful cause that you can learn more about here.

I've participated a few times over the years, and like last year, this year's auction item is a signed Montana Gallagher book bundle PLUS get a character named after you. Last year's high bidder selected their mother for the honor, and it is her name that was bestowed on Katharine Kiely in The Healer of Briarwood.

There are a lot of great offerings to bid on, which means many opportunities to contribute to a worthy organization. Follow Writers for Hope on Twitter for updates: @writersforhope or #WritersForHope

Be well, be kind, and stay safe!


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