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Words from the Pioneer Hearts

Pioneer Hearts Authors, that is. I'm part of a couple of lively online groups called the Pioneer Hearts. There's one for authors and one for readers, and boy do these writers and readers have fun. I write in multiple genres, and enjoy doing so, but this is the only group in which I'm active. Did I mention the fun? I don't get online often, and when I do, it's as enjoyable to share as it is to browse and see what others are sharing from research, travels, and of course, books!

Here are a few releases from fellow Pioneer Hearts Authors. Enjoy!


Wild Card

by Caroline Lee

Wild Card by Caroline Lee

He's come home for revenge.

Everything was going fine in Jack's life...until she showed up. He was living the high life in a European court, friend to princes and courtesans alike, learning witty repertoire and interesting new ways to kill enemies, and then this cute little package claiming to be a Pinkerton agent--ridiculous!--lands in his lap. That wouldn't have been so bad--she's really quite delectable--except she's bringing a message from his mother, and now duty demands Jack Hoyle return to the home he hasn't thought of in years.

Tavie Smothers is a mistress of disguise. The talent has served her well during her years with the Pinkertons, but this case is officially her last. Mr. Augustus King is holding the entire town of Black Aces, Montana, hostage; bleeding the business-owners and families dry in his effort to fool potential investors into thinking his silver mine is still salable. Everything he's doing is legal...but Tavie can't stand by and let him win.

So she brings in a wild card.

Mr. King might understand poker, but he's never encountered an opponent like Jack. Because Jack, despite his unorthodox methods and his cold refinement, is determined to avenge his father's death and protect the town's legacy. Add in an equally resolute ex-Pinkerton in disguise, and they're betting on a sure thing.

But there are no sure things in love and poker, and Mr. King still has an ace up his sleeve....

Available Nov 1, 2019.


Two-Step with Tess

by Jo Noelle

Two-Step with Tess_Jo Noelle

Two broken hearts who need each other to heal.

Tess Palmer moved to Creede, Colorado to make a fresh start. When a man from her past shows up at the train station, Tess hides her identity, hoping he’ll leave quickly instead of dredging up the past.

Claude Herschel loves the beauty and freedom of the West he’s toured for the past month. After a night of gambling and drinking, he’s robbed and beaten—left for dead. Tess finds and takes care of him. He’s drawn to her pure heart and lovely face and wants to know everything about the intriguing woman—even the secret she’s keeping from him.

What secrets will Tess and Claude lay bare before they can trust each other and commit to love?

Available Oct 26, 2019.


Forever Christmas

by Cat Cahill

Forever Christmas by Cat Cahill

A lonely cowboy. A young widow. A Christmas to remember.

Elizabeth Hartley Campbell arrives at the Crest Stone Hotel, widowed and searching for the brother she hasn't seen in seven years. Distraught to learn he's left, she takes a job as a Gilbert Girl at the hotel's restaurant. She quickly befriends the other girls and finds comfort in helping the hotel prepare for Christmas--until a wayward cowboy wanders in from the snow and sits at her lunch counter.

Landon Cooper didn't mean to stop at the hotel, and he certainly didn't intend to stay longer than one night. After all, a job that will pay him more money than he could ever make as a ranch hand awaits him in Canon City--if he can stomach the thought of turning outlaw. But it's hard to think straight when Elizabeth is nearby, and he finds himself hanging pine boughs and lugging a tree through the snow for her instead of riding away.

Even though Elizabeth fears falling for another cowboy and Landon knows she won't forgive him if she knew what he had planned, they find themselves growing closer. With a blizzard threatening on Christmas Eve, both Elizabeth and Landon will need to learn to trust in love, or be driven apart forever.

Available Nov 11, 2019.


The Charismatic Cowboy

by Keira K. Barton

The Charismatic Cowboy_Keira K. Barton

Blaire Firestone is the oldest of six girls—all born to a rancher who longed for a boy. When her father dies, the ranch’s long-time foreman leaves unexpectedly, and Blaire is left scrambling to hire anyone who can help her keep the ranch running smoothly—a seemingly impossible feat in the one-horse town.

Cole Reeves has gone along with everyone else’s plans for his life since he was eighteen. Working for his father’s business has been a blessing and a curse, and he’s finally ready to see what he can do on his own. His looks and charm have always gotten him by, but he wonders if it’ll be enough to win over his boss—the only woman he’s ever truly wanted.

Will Blaire and Cole be able to weather the challenges they face, or will the pressures of life on the ranch be too much for the runaway-prone cowboy?

Released June 14, 2019.


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