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With Love from the Montana Gallaghers

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm sharing expressions of love from my characters, or should I say, their love for each other. Enjoy!

Ethan & Brenna in Gallagher's Pride

When Brenna’s tears turned into hiccups, Ethan set her at arm’s length and lifted her tear-streaked face up with the back of his finger. He meant to ask if she was all right, but he saw her green eyes bright with tears. The sorrow in them was quickly replaced with confusion followed by desire. Ethan wasn’t sure if she knew what her eyes told him, but he found it too difficult to ignore.

He found her soft lips one moment, and the next he saw those same lips rosy and swollen, her skin flushed, and her eyes dark with passion.



Gabriel & Isabelle in Gallagher's Hope

Gabriel thought of no words to say. Darkness still filled him, but with her in his arms, finding his light again was possible. With only a touch, he lifted her face and lowered his lips to brush up against hers. Once, twice, until every emotion he held inside since he met her was released into that kiss. Pulling her close to his body and holding her tightly, he kissed her as he’d longed to from the moment he became her husband. He thrilled in the knowledge that she offered no resistance and responded to every stroke of his mouth and every caress as his hands moved freely up and down her body. Slowly he walked backward toward the bed, pulling her along with him, never releasing her from his arms.



Eliza & Ramsey in Gallagher's Choice

Eliza closed the last of the space between them. “Kiss me.”

“Eliza, I—”

“Kiss me.”

Ramsey hesitated for the briefest moment and then leaned into her, lowering his lips to meet hers, pulling her body slowly forward.

His soft lips warmed her, the sensation reaching every nerve ending of her body. The kiss awakened Eliza, unleashing without exception, the feelings she’d kept hidden. So much of her life had been about loss, and yet the memories of a happier time unexpectedly woke within her. She released those memories, allowing emotions to fuel her passion.

Unwilling to release him too soon, Eliza joined Ramsey as he deepened the kiss. When they gradually eased apart, she raised her dark eyes to meet his and quietly said, “You’re not the only one, and you’re not in this alone.”

With his forehead pressed against hers, his warm breath caressed her skin. The smile in his voice was unmistakable when he spoke. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?”

“No,” Eliza said honestly. “But I’m willing to do it again.”

“I can’t promise—”

“I’m not asking for any promises. I’m asking you to trust me—to trust all of us.” Eliza stepped away but kept her hand in his.



Ethan & Brenna in An Angel Called Gallagher

“I’m telling you, Ethan, something or someone is taking eggs from the coop.”

Ethan studied his wife. “What were you doing out in the chicken coop?”

“Fresh air.”

Ethan smiled and draped an arm around his wife’s waist. “With the chickens?”

Brenna nodded once, sprigs of red hair framing her face. “Does it matter? That’s not the only thing strange happening around here.”

“What exactly has happened?”

“Someone’s been staying in the east line shack.”

“Is this about the singing you heard?”

Brenna managed to keep her frustration in check. “No. I’m willing to concede that I might have imagined a woman singing to our son, though Andrew heard it as well, but I am not imagining this. Ben mentioned it this morning when I was outside.”

“With the chickens again?”


He held up his hands and grinned. “The teasing is over.”

Brenna smiled and raised up on her toes to kiss him. “You’re an exasperating man, Ethan Gallagher.”

“You love me anyway.”

“Heaven help me, I do.”


Ben & Amanda in Journey to Hawk's Peak

“It’s all right to let go, Amanda.” he whispered against her hair. “Heartache reminds us we’re alive, but it doesn’t last forever. You’re allowed to grab hold of every moment of happiness you can find.”

She tightened her arms around his waist, her face pressed against his shoulder. It wasn’t proper, and Amanda Kelly had been raised to be a respectable lady. Except, at this moment, she no longer cared.

It wasn’t clear who eased back first, or whether Ben caressed her cheek before her hand slid up and behind his neck. When their lips met, it didn't matter who kissed whom first because they both wanted—and needed—the coming together of flesh and soul. His mouth was gentle at first, almost hesitant. She heard the soft sigh escape her own lips, and her fingers moved upward to glide through his thick hair. The simple action broke down both of their defenses.

The kiss deepened. Ben became possessive and his passion and longing surprised and exhilarated her. Amanda couldn’t remember who initiated the moment, but it was Ben who ended the connection.

Amanda slowly came back to reality and found herself still in Ben’s arms, a smile on the lips which had only seconds before turned her attraction into a deep and undeniable desire.

“You can’t know how much I want to finish what we’ve started tonight, but I can’t—we can’t.”

“I know.”


What's next for the Gallaghers?

I'm working on book six and it's scheduled to release this year. The next book is about Colton Dawson, the ranch hand and tracker you met in the other books. I'm also introducing a fun and feisty heroine named Ainslee.

If you'd like to be notified when this and other books come available, I hope you'll sign up for my periodic newsletter. Unlike this blog, which is delivered weekly, the newsletter goes out only when there is a new release, special offers, or news that I feel important enough to share.

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!


Do you know the history of this "holiday"? It's rather interesting and goes far beyond valentines, chocolate, and flowers. Read up on it at


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