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Winter Flowers Bring a touch of Spring

WINTER, THOUGH BEAUTIFUL and a favorite season of mine, can be gloomy and make me long for spring so I can dig in the gardens. This is why the house is never without flowers during the long winter months. After Christmas, the tree was undecked and moved outside with the lights on. It was still fresh and I wanted to enjoy it a few more months. This is yesterday.

Which is why more paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus) were planted since the ones from Christmas are long spent. In a few weeks, their sweet fragrance will fill the house.

And the primroses from last year have thrived and are filling the kitchen with their beautiful colors and happy faces.

I was in need of a touch of spring today. I'm working on the next Gallagher book, Colton's story, and it's set during one of the warmest months of summer. When I gaze out the window and see all the snow, it helps to look around me and see touches of earthy blooms.

Speaking of Colton's story, I'd better get back to it, but first . . .

In advance news, a new western short stories series—Whitcomb Springs—is coming soon from me and a few of my fellow authors. The cover reveal for some of the stories will post in a couple of days, though you can already find mine on pre-order, so I'll share the cover here. More details soon!

What are you currently reading? What genre(s) have you excited to read right now?

Stay bookish!


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