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Where Would You Go?

There are a few places I'd like to visit, however, when anyone asks me where I'd most like to go, the answer is always Scotland. I've been there, walked the Highland hills, sat among the wild heather, and explored castles and ruins. When I left that September morning years ago, I carried Scotland with me in my heart.

I wasn't there long enough to visit the Isle of Skye, so that would top my list next time around, along with many of their other islands.

Isle of Skye, Scotland - Pixabay

Most of the places I long to visit no longer exist. They endure only in history books and imaginations, for they are in times long gone by. Life would have been more difficult without all the conveniences today, and yet, those are the times I yearn to experience. Since physical time travel is not possible, I continue to escape into stories that transport me time and again to my favorite times and places.

Montana © MK McClintock

It's nice to dream about faraway places, and when we can't get there in person, we are blessed with the opportunity to trek there within the pages of a fascinating story that carries us away to the place our heart most desires.

I believe it's good for the soul to dream, to unleash our imagination and allow ourselves to be swept into a story that stirs the heart, quickens the pulse, to laugh and cry, and simply feel as much as possible. Fiction is no substitution for real life, but there are times when fiction is exactly what life needs.

Where would you go tomorrow, if you could go anywhere?



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