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Weekend Writing, Baking, and Reading

Yesterday turned out to be a rare day when everything seemed to go right. I woke up to cloudy skies and delighted in the fresh rain that fell during the night. The day before I finished up my co-author chapters and was ready and eager to tackle the last of a short story (for McKenna Grey) and a new outline for the first Crooked Creek novel.

I even managed to crank out some notes for the next Gallagher installment (to come in 2017). This little sign hangs on my doorbell (which I disconnected) every day of the week. I can be kind of grouch when I'm disturbed in the middle of writing . . .

Yes, Saturday was a good day. The lavender is hanging on and the last of the second growing will be harvested soon, but I just love how the beautiful purple looks in the autumn garden.

Of course it wouldn't be a gloomy (to me, perfect) weekend without a bit of baking. Old fashioned biscuits and chocolate chip muffins were on the menu. These muffins are sinfully deliciously. They taste a little like muffin, a little like cake, and a bit like a cookie.

Whenever I watch a western movie where someone is eating fresh biscuits cooked over the campfire, I get a craving. These are half wheat and made with all organic flours, and they are fluffy with a homemade, right off the trail taste to them. I like them served with a dab of honey.

Old Fashioned Biscuits - MK McClintock

I'll work on getting both recipes added to my kitchen page. I'll write a bit more today, but I plan to spend all afternoon reading. With my busy schedule, I usually only have time to read at night or for a few minutes in the morning when I first wake up, but making time for extra reading is a real treat.

Journey to Hawk's Peak, book five in the Montana Gallagher series, will be out on Oct 19th! Learn more about the Gallaghers.

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