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Uncooperative Brain

There are days when my brain and heart fight over which is going to win. The brain isn't in the mood to write while the heart always thinks it's a good idea. Today is one of those days when I hem and haw and stay busy doing random chores around the house just to avoid sitting down at the computer. I try to take the weekends off, but I have a self-imposed deadline that won't be ignored. Planting butt in chair is pretty much a requirement. Or as the case may be today, planting feet to stand at the computer. Either works, so long as the words get written.

I find writing about something completely unrelated helps get those neurons in shape for the main event. Hence this random blog post.

I went outside to admire the changing colors in one of the hydrangea barrels. This one will need to go into the ground soon. The bees are buzzing and with them yellow jackets. The darn things won't go away, no matter what I plant, how much I grumble, or whatever the bug people to do get rid of them. Snow! Yes, snow and cold is what we need. I've had a whole summer of flowers and sunshine, so autumn and winter are welcome to start . . . today.

Apparently I am not in control of the climate, so it's laughing in my face. It brought more sun, and a little smoke. Darn it.

I decided this delicious dessert is going to need to go from cookbook to oven this weekend.

I watched an episode of The Last Ship last night and images of these handsome men keep creeping into my imagination this morning. I'm a sucker for ruggedly handsome men, uniforms, and action. Combine all three and I'm in swoon-city. These guys would make great cowboys.

And there are always cute faces to admire and bundles of fur to play fetch with. I don't need an alarm clock because the pup (on the right) believes that 5:30 am is the perfect time to race into the bedroom, jump up, and cuddle for about 10 minutes. Then she gets bored and goes racing away. I don't mind as I'm usually awake reading by 5:00 am.

And since this random one-sided conversation is exactly what I needed to get my brain on track with writing, this will be the next few hours, then I do believe a walk in the sunshine will be in order.

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