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Turn a Negative Into a Positive ~ #UpbeatAuthors

It is too easy to get caught up in the negativity this world seems to thrive on. From social media to news outlets, people are far too eager to share negative thoughts and stories. And yet, in the dark gloom of misery, there are always those who project light with positive affirmations and acts of kindness. They are those who view the world as a place of beauty and strive to find the good in all people. They are the people I admire most. I regret to confess that too often negative thoughts creep into my mind, and it can at times take effort to turn them around.

It is my belief that if someone else chooses to be negative toward you or about something or someone else, they are the ones whose outlook needs to be altered. Of course, there is a place for sorrow when death or tragedy occurs, but even then, peace and hope are not out of reach.

You are the only one who can decide for yourself if you will be a force of miserable gloom or positive energy.

When negativity takes root, it rarely takes more than a deep breath a few seconds of careful contemplation to turn hate into love.

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