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"Tracking Amy" and a Visit with Samantha St. Claire ~ Whitcomb Springs Series

VISITING TODAY IS Samantha St. Claire, author of the wonderful Sawtooth Range series. "Tracking Amy" is Samantha's next installment in the Whitcomb Spring series. It releases on April 13, 2018 with my next story, "Forsaken Trail."

AND NOW FOR a few questions with Samantha about "Tracking Amy" and the Whitcomb Springs series.

What inspired you to tell Amy’s story?

Amy represents many women I know, women who have struggled with issues of self-worth in the context of a toxic relationship. While I've not experienced this personally, I've walked through the recovery phase with friends who have. Amy has survived such a relationship and is now a widow who must rise to her feet and stand on her own in a frontier that kills the weak. She is an admirable character representing the enduring courage of such women. The final line of the story is a tribute to all of them.

Do you relate on any level to Amy’s character?

I can relate to struggles with self-worth, many can. At some point, we must take responsibility for our own recovery. It may require professional assistance for some or a trusted friend who can reflect to you what is true and good. Personally, I am blessed with both good friends and a husband who continues to tell me to "take the shot".

What can readers expect from you, as far as more stories in the series?

This series is providing me with a platform to experiment with styles and themes, not to mention a variety of characters. The Unexpected Hero of Whitcomb Springs allowed me to play with a humorous story. Jack is a delightful scamp whose good intentions to help a love struck friend backfire more often than help. Look for it this summer along with some longer novellas that bring back some of the characters introduced in these short stories.

Thank you, Samantha. I for one am excited to read your next story in this series, and I'm so excited to have you as part of the Whitcomb Springs family.

"Tracking Amy"

Riley Buchanan knew he’d been in the mining camps too long when he mistook the pretty Amy Sutton for a boy. Why she kept her gender disguised puzzled Riley. Curiosity put him on her trail. Destiny placed him in her life. Would Riley become the missing piece to the puzzle that was Amy?

"Forsaken Trail" and "Tracking Amy" are scheduled for release Friday, April 13th. The e-books can be pre-ordered today on Amazon. You can also visit our Amazon Whitcomb Springs series page.

Three of the Whitcomb Springs authors are also now posting once a month at The Captivating Quill, a new multi-author blog. Read and enjoy!


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