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Three-Berry Muffins - Writer in the Kitchen

Spring is a time of renewal and beautiful change, and though the official first day of spring has come and gone, we are still waiting for snow to melt and winter's leftover brown to turn green.

We still have a bit of a wait.

Bouquet of Yellows and Greens - MK McClintock - Writer in the Kitchen

The emergence of new flowers and the awakening of buds reminds us that there is more beneath the winter snow than frozen earth. There is an abundance of life waiting to be reborn and shower our lives with color, and until the gardens bloom, we'll force bulbs and indulge in some store-bought bouquets. It is also a time for baking with fresh berries and fruits!

"Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be." Anonymous quote

The colors bring to mind not only the vivid energy of the season, but also the crisp freshness that spring represents. In some places, like the northern Rockies (and I'm sure others), there is plenty of mud while we await a final snowfall or another freeze, but we prefer to focus on the flowers.

Press your face to the petals and soak in their sweet fragrance. Can you almost smell the delicate aroma from the roses?

When the small breakfast table is not in use or set up for a meal, we often display books. Books fill shelves and have special places on a variety of surfaces. They are fuel for the mind while we partake of fuel for the body. Rutherford's Ireland books are usually prominent on my favorites shelf.

Stack of books with flowers around it - MK McClintock
Julia Child quote: "You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces-just good food from fresh ingredients."

Three-Berry Muffins with a Bouquet of Yellows and Greens - MK McClintock - Writer in the Kitchen

The loose-leaf Berry Bramble tea from Mountain Rose Herbs is a favorite, and especially lovely in the afternoon. The honeybush blends nicely with the variety of berries used. I have been a Mountain Rose Herb fan for fifteen+ years, and every tea I've tried has been fantastic. Their teas are a go-to beverage for writing sessions.

The pleasure derived from relaxing with a cup of good tea, a tasty treat, and fresh flowers is simple, yet powerful. Add an entertaining story, and you are certain to feel relaxed.

There is a berry in every bit of these muffins, and I do so love fresh, delicious berries. We're lucky to live in an area where we can get fresh, organic berries year round. Growing your own berries is a great option, or buying from a local grower. The most important thing is to use fresh, not frozen berries, for this recipe.

For your convenience, you can download a PDF copy of the Three-Berry Muffin recipe here.


Featured Book

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The Healer of Briarwood, a Montana Gallagher novel by MK McClintock

Welcome to Briarwood and Hawk’s Peak, where friendship, love, and hope conquer overwhelming odds.

A man with a healer’s touch. A woman with a healer’s heart.

Doctor Finnegan Brody tends his patients, keeps to himself, and vividly remembers the heartaches and trials from the Civil War and why he devoted his life to healing. He watches the townspeople live their lives, loving and laboring alongside one another, and wonders if one day he will give a woman as much time and dedication as he gives the people of Briarwood.

Katharine Kiely has a deep-rooted stubbornness to never give up, even if it means leaving behind her comfortable life by the sea to protect her father’s health and help expand his empire. When she finally arrives in Briarwood to convince the Gallaghers a spur line should cross their land, nothing goes as she expected.

Finn, with his knowledge of healing the people, and Katharine, who learns how to heal with her heart, join together as the townsfolk of Briarwood face challenges and choices that could alter their way of life forever.


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