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Reading Room: The Yankee Widow by Linda Lael Miller #BookRecommendation

I highly recommend The Yankee Widow by Linda Lael Miller. It's been a few years since I've read one of her books, and this one brought back all the reasons why I like her storytelling. Actually, she stepped things up a bit in this book, and there was more focus on life during the war rather being a pure romance. It's memorable and well written, and I appreciate that it doesn't gloss over difficult subjects and descriptions. It shows a real struggle for women during the war, and I feel Miller handled the subjects well. Her many years of research into the Civil War are evident.

Wonderful characters. Rich history. Great storytelling. In my opinion, worth reading.

The Yankee Widow by Linda Lael Miller - Book Recommendation

About the Book

A richly layered, emotional novel about one woman’s courage and the choices she must make in the face of a dangerous war.

Caroline is the young wife of Jacob, who together live on a farm raising their daughter just outside of Gettysburg. When Jacob joins the Northern army, no one anticipates he will not return. Then Caroline gets word that her husband is wounded, and she must find her way alone to Washington City and search among the thousands of casualties to find him.

When Jacob succumbs to his injuries, she brings his body home on the eve of the deadliest battle of the war. With troops and looters roaming the countryside, it is impossible to know who is friend and who is foe. Caroline fights to protect those she holds most dear while remaining compassionate to the neediest around her, including two strangers from opposite sides of the fight. Each is wounded… Each is drawn to her beauty, her kindness. Both offer comfort, but only one secretly captures her heart. Still, she must resist exposing her vulnerability in these uncertain times when so much is at risk.

In The Yankee Widow, gifted storyteller Linda Lael Miller explores the complexities and heartbreak that women experienced as their men took up arms to preserve the nation and defend their way of life.


The Reading Room is where I share books, because authors are readers, too! I don't rate books on my blog, but I do like to share books I've read and enjoyed (My mom recommends a few, too!). My tastes are eclectic, so expect to see everything from sweet, wholesome romance to edge-of-your-seat, sexy thrillers, and more in between.

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