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The Hope of Good Tomorrows and A Walk in Montana

The horizon gives us a place to look when we need to steady our minds and remember why the little moments matter most.

Montana River_MK McClintock

Writing, baking, and a lot of reading consumed my New Year's eve and day, so rather than trek up to Glacier Park as planned, I enjoyed a morning stroll along the river. It was one of those lazy walks where the only sounds to break up the silence were those beautiful songs produced by nature: the rustling of leaves, the flap of ducks' wings, the flowing water, and the tapping of a woodpecker on a nearby tree.

Montana River_MK McClintock

We've enjoyed unseasonably warm weather for this time of year, which has meant that from one day to the next it is uncertain if we will have snow, rain, ice, or sun. I find the cold, fresh air invigorating, and exactly what I need to get my creative neurons firing on every level.

The solo walk gave me a chance to spend some quality time with a couple of new characters. We needed a few hours away from computer and paper to talk things through.

Montana River_MK McClintock

These "conversations" often consist of me eavesdropping, and then when I feel the need, or want clarification, I will interject a question or comment to see what happens next. I often stopped for a few minutes during the walk and imagined how each character might feel looking upon the same setting. What do they notice first? Hear first? What can they smell among the pines and frost? This reveals a lot about them, and gives us all the confidence to work with each other.

Montana River_MK McClintock

Yes, all the characters are technically me, but I never think of them that way. To me, they are individuals with their own lives, hopes, personalities, and dreams. From the time we have already spent together, and the laughing involved, I have decided we are all going to be great friends.

Montana River_MK McClintock

The hope of good tomorrows . . .

Stepping away from social media, keeping my phone off unless absolutely necessary, spending more time in nature, and even taking a few weeks off from writing, provided the recharge I needed after a tumultuous year. If the cacophony from fireworks the past two nights were any indication, there were many who felt the need to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

No matter what has happened with yesterday and today, the driving force behind hope is believing that tomorrow can be better.

Be well, friends, and never stop believing that beautiful things are waiting for you.


Montana River_MK McClintock

And just for fun . . . can you see it?

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